Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weird but not weird

I got a very weird habit which is i love to mess up my room and spring clean it. I dont know whether its still called 'spring clean' cause spring clean usually refers to something more like periodic cleaning. Its totally differ with my case...

My mom tends to call me onggila because to her i am crazy. I never thought sepahkan bilik then kemas balik then sepahkan balik is unusual coz for me its one of teenagers' being. For me la. Wahaha i never take it serious pun cause i know shes joking.

Actually , i buat macam tu sebab nak practice. Practice kemas rumah. At the same time it can be an exercise to me. Well, sambil menyelam minum air orang kata. Hehe. Besides dapat talent kemas rumah boleh keluaq peluh.

I should studying for tomorrow's test. Wish me luck! Bye. Assalamualaikum.