Monday, October 21, 2013

Risky post

Dont ever play with caffeine! You will end up like me now. Its 1: 18 in the morning and i dont know what to do because i cant sleep. Yeah tomorrow got physic(k)s paper 2 and 3 and i am just 50% ready. You probably think i should study or at least revise something for tomorrow's paper cause i am not that genius.

Yaaa i think like that too but while i am sitting at my study area i feel like someone is staring at me! It feels very uncomfortable (actually i am scared but i wont admit it!) so i just lying on my bed writing to you using my phone. You know how difficult to blogging using this tiny device right? Plus when the one who wrote is me who's having fatty boomerz fingers. It sucks i tell ya.

I want to write more but my eyes are not allowed. Well the -5.25 powered eyes need to be treat appropriately.  I risked my eyes for this pointless post, like always ! Why i speak like i ever made good post?  Loooing sigh~

Thursday, October 3, 2013

#2 Who am I?

'Be yourself'

Whenever I feel down or something wrong with me, I googled 'how to be confident'. Most of the suggestions  advised me to be yourself. The question is, I dont know who am I! I live as a different person everyday. I sometimes can be very loud (or maybe most of the time) and sometimes i can be very quiet. I sometimes can be very hardwork and most of the times I am very lazy. I can think very positive sometimes and can think very negative. I can be very kind sometimes and also be very mean. I can be very funny sometimes and be world's most boring person. I can be polite and i can be rude. I can be clean and can be gross. I sometimes very brave and sometimes very coward. I sometimes very nice and sometimes extremely bad.

The way i think also differ each day. Once i think i want to help all the beggars in this world by provide them shelters and foods. Then i think, all the beggars mustn't be helped because i'm just encourage them being useless. I also face different taste in everything. I can like someone very much now and hate s/he next 5 seconds.

Who am i actually?