Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fancy email

Nearly died because i forgot my blogger's password! ITS REALLY FRUSTRATING since i forgot all my password even i cant remember my primary email. Yeah that fancy email i created when i was 11 at dina's place. ha ha.

I dont know what im thinking at that moment because at that particular time i found that email really 'unique' and 'catchy'. Dont look at me like you never do that so. Im pretty sure all of you have your very own email address with all those fancy name. 

As we grow up, we learn a lot of new things. Our perspective onto something will change. Like what i stated above, when i was 11 i thought that my email address is very cool, now, i am almost 17 and i feel like puke when im looking at that email. I am embarrassed to tell anyone about this but now im telling you now. Even embarrassing, im still using that email for my twitter, membership cards etc etc.

I used to be very happy when i was 12. I am that 'happy-go-lucky' girl in class and also among my group of friends. Compared to my other friends, they were more to emotional and looked very problematic (thats why they need boyfriend while i dont). At that moment what playing in my mind was, 'they are attention-seeker'. I once wished to be sad because being happy all the time (even im only 12) make me boring. 

5 years passed and i am very regret for my useless wish that come true now.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Really cant fix to so many things lately. Im so tired and fed up. Keep pretending like i dont hv any heart for the sake to be accepted. In this process, yes writing to my own blog also i hv to be hypocrite bcs im afraid, afraid if only my blog's content will be judged and bashed. People.


I really dont get it. Why people sarcasms? Especially in certain sensitive issues. They sarcasms so bad. At first i thought the use of sarcasm is to tell someone a message secretly. Or maybe giving advice secretly. Or maybe a joke. I am being sarcastic as well. But then something happened to me and it changed my whole perspective onto sarcasms. I know the intention of sarcastic people is want to criticize someone in mannerly way, so that 'someone' wont hurt. But dont i/u/we ever think that sarcasms can make people even hurt than what they supposed to. This is bcs they have to cover eveything and pretending like nothing happens. Pretending like that sarcasm was not referring to him/her. Pretending like his/her heart is not hurt. As what i can say, that is even hurt. If you seriously want someone to listen to you, you can ask straightly or if you want to advice then go talk to them privately or else dont say any word. That is the easiest way right? If you take sarcasms as a joke, you should know that you are really wrong.

I actually wrote this to myself. This is one of the ways to improve myself. If you dont agree or like then you can just leave. I dont need your opinion as well.

Lastly, i wish everyone a very happy new year. I hope you all will achieve what all of you dreaming of this year.