Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weeks of struggle

This semester break is not gonna be like my others break. This time, i oathed myself to awake from the apathy of my studies. By hook or by crook, I have to at least mastered half of SPM syllabus especially on science subjects.

These are the subjects I have to covered during this break. 

93 days left till trial
156 days left till SPM

Puncak jaya post?!?

Finally ended my third sem as upper form student. Lol how complicated. One sem left before I'm totally done with school. No more school uniform, no more waking up in the morning, no more stress, etc. 

I have to be really quick since my phone is about to die, i am too lazy to charge. Here i share to you some of my pictures during puncak jaya at UPM. 

Day 1 

This is not actually at puncak jaya. This is after puncak jaya. Right after our session ended , we went to psf just to have dessert because i was craving for brownie. 

Day 2

To convince ain and najwa, we went to psf on the second day as well. They were jealous because they cant join us. 

Okay wait, this is not a puncak jaya post at all. Seems like all we do is going to psf, taking selfies and eating. Hahaha. 

There was a panic moment when i realized that i lost my phone. My phone was totally malfunction because of 
1) no credit
2) low battery
3) camera with low quality

Then i found back my phone. Somewhere. I. Will. Never. Mention. Because. It. Shows. How. Careless.and.d Forgetful. I. Am

Day 3

Finally! Pictures at UPM. Since it was the last day, we decided to take some serius pictures. As a memory. High school memory. Not so serius actually. 

And my own version of duck face. Hahaha

Thats all for now. Spm is coming. I have to finish my folio and maybe going to study and if theres some free time (which means i have to steal my time) im going to watch gossip girl.

157 days left till sPm

Sunday, May 18, 2014


By far i think i am lazy, i think that if i put extra effort on my studies, i can pass my exam with flying colours. I prefer to study at the last minute and promised to be well prepared on next exam. Always. But today i just realized something. I am actually not smart. No matter how much i study i dont think i can ace. Im so scared. I have a very big dream to pursue my studies overseas. I am scared. So so scared. I cant imagine if i dont pass my SPM with good results as what my parents want. I am about to despair. I feel like i cant hold these anymore. Surrounded with geniuses made me feel like a total loser. I am helpless. I couldnt stop myself from crying when i started to think about my future. 

Tomorrow is biology and account paper. I am now suffering from flu. My head feels so dizzy and heavy. My eyes cant stop from watering. My runny nose make me hard to breath. 


Monday, May 12, 2014


Holla. Its been ages. I lost my internet connection due to some personal reason. People assumed that i was busy studying during those moments when i suddenly disappeared from social networks but the real thing is i live my life like a helpless dolphin without wifi. 

Now i am in examination week. I dont want to comment so much so just lets proceed to other things.

Today is mother's day. Ya like always people HERE will argue about this issue. We cant celebrate it bla bla bla. As for me , everything actually is upon someone 's nawaitu. But whatever i dont want to comment since i dont have any right to do so. 

Okay i dont know what to write hahaha.