Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Co-in ?!

3 days away since sem 2 start. Annual sports day on this saturday. Geez, thats 3 days left!! No, im not an athlete. I am sucks when it comes to sport but the sportmanship spirit in is quite impressive. Lol.  This year i decided to join marching for pandu puteri. But... We prepare nothing. Just started our very first practise yesterday. Never mind, i got a strong feeling that everything gonna be alright. Winning is not the main purpose, its the fun and koko marks what are we hunting for haha.

Mid term result? Alhamdulillah. Thats all i can say. Most of the subjects are beyond my expectations but still not good enough and a whole lot change i need to do if i want to get my 10As.

Wednesday 18th June 2014 . I am not going to school today. I woke up at 6.50. I need at least 20 minutes to get ready. 5 minutes to pack my bag. 20 minutes journey from my house to school. So, i need 45 minutes in total. So im gonna reach school at 7.35am. Even though just 5 minutes late, hmmm. I hate being late. Hahaha alasan! Okay la lets be honest, i didnt ready for my komsas quiz. But still, i woke up late.

Then, at 8 something, ain called me asked me whether im going to school or not. Hahaha she didnt attend school as well. She also woke up late. What a coincidence. Seems like both of us already planning to not going to school today. 

Bye, im going to sleep now.


Friday, June 13, 2014

4.49 til 5.00

4.49 am

Currently watching FIFA Brazil vs Croatia while working on my folio. Multitask should i say? 


My laptop behaviour

My laptop is having an attitude towards me. SHIZ I WAS WORKING , I AM NOT WATCHING GOSSIP GIRL OKAY!

The current score is brazil 1 - 1 croatia.

Here's a confession, i know neymar is really a good player. At only 22, he is unarguably fantastic.

But when people start to adore him for his look, emmmm. I dont think so. Hahaha.

And the same thing goes to Messi. 


No I am not Pharrel Williams!

I am so happy at this moment 

1. I got back all my kain baju kurung from our family tailor ((must i be happy for this btw?! Haha))

2. It was 12.30 am and my dad brought me out nowhere. I love sneaking out in the midnight, slept in the car, enjoying every second of my life looking out the window, empty road. I swear by the time i got my driving license ((and of course my own car)), i'm going to drive around the town alone, listening to sentimental music, make a vine ((lol jk)), find my inner peace and thinking about life.

3. Its nisfu syaban! May my new record book filled with good deeds. In sha Allah

4. I finally start working on my folio account. After ages.....

5. I finally understand trigonometry function'

6. I watched gossip girl! Blair and Chuck are so sweet!! The best tv couple ever.

7. FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 is about to start!! Brazil is my fav team since forever ((lol no! I dont know which team should i support and brazil seems legit))

8. I am totally away from my phone for entire day. What an achievement! 

P/s: my phone running out of battery, my lazy arse didnt allow me to search for the charger. Then i acclaimed that today is stay-away-from-phone-day.

9. Mission unlocked : going out without wearing contacts, going out wearing my house attire (( which obviously turn me to an express maid look)).


MY GROUP , SUNFLOWER FROM SMK JALAN EMPAT (no 239) WAS CHOSEN TO THE NEXT STAGE FOR THIS ACCOUNTING QUIZ. MY GROUP WAS REPRESENTING OUR SCHOOL WITH THE OTHER GROUP! OMG WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT! I CANT BELIEVE THIS WITH MY OWN EYES. FRANKLY I THOUGHT AFIDA WAS KIDDING WHEN SHE SAID THAT THE TWO GROUPS THAT WERE CHOSEN ARE SUNFLOWER AND BRILLIANT GENERATION. Unfortunately that is not her group. And Izz was very shocked! Everyone does! My group, sunflower, represented by izz, ain , sheda and i is going to next level for this competition that promised 200k scholar for the winner. We expect nothing. We didnt even actually really care about this competition . We entered just to satisfied our teacher, as a sign of respect. And we DID it! we were underdogs. No one in the class looked at us as a competitor. 

I am so happy YA ALLAH. Thank you for this amazing gift. Even been selected for school qualifying round is more than enough. This is such a motivation for me to start studying for the next quiz, i promise im going to break my leg for this.

The opening ceremony for the FIFA had started, till then BYE and have a good day ahead everyone.  

Monday, June 9, 2014


Did someone mention cruelty? 

I oathed myself to stop wearing nail polish no matter in what state I'm in. I'm afraid of His return soon. I'm afraid my nail polish remover can't 100% remove the nail polish on my finger. I'm afraid if my prayers are not accepted by the Almighty. If it happened, for what purpose I breathe? 


I was scrolling over weheartit for no valid reasons. Perhaps looking for some inspirations. 



The Wehuu

24th May 2014

Finally! Today is the day. After 2 months of discussing and stressing on what to do, what to sell, who gonna be our group members,  how much capital do we need and who incharge doing what. The day is finally come! What I meant is Hari Koko a.k.a Hari Usahawan. Every student in the accounting class needs to take part for this Hari Koko as Living Skill month project. 

After so many ideas distributed by each member, we finally opt to sell macaroni, nasi lemak, nuget (last minute), ribena soda, popsicles and tudung bawal.

I myself incharge for nasi lemak. 

The banner.
It was also last minute.
The flyers and bunting we planned didnt come out due to some personal matter.

The logo
Cute isnt it? We stick this logo on every single nasi lemak and macaroni.

The crews
From left: azrul quatducks, arturio hiran, ain gangster, sheda comel, izz manis, bobby (pls dont tell me how ugly i look, and damn fat)

Da anti social 

I was planning to wear my contacts. But.... due to some silly reason i couldnt make it because my hand was too hot ; i separate the bijik cili from cili kering using bare hands. My sister and i were too enjoy thomas cup between mas and ina . As a result, we suffered all night long sleeping with hot hand. Dayyum. So here i am going to this kind of function wearing my wreck specs. Look 100 times uglier. 


Recycle the same picture but with a lot cheesy words bcs lack of pictures together. 

The members who make things real. Thanks. Couldnt ask for any better  members. The commitment given are priceless, the fun we had , the lessons i learnt from u guys, every single time we spent together, the expressions you guys made, every discussions we made, every problem we faced together. All these things gave me brand new experiences that i will never get if i not cooperate with you guys, things that made me grow apart from whom i used to be. 

Mom's nasi lemak is da bombz. I am starving while writing this post because i was on my diet ! Everyone, please laugh!

"Friendship Never explain -- your friends do not need it, and your enemies will not believe it anyway. A real friend never gets in your way, unless you happen to be on the way down. A friend is someone you can do nothing with and enjoy it. However much we guard ourselves against it, we tend to shape ourselves in the image others have of us. It is not so much the example of others we imitate, as the reflection of ourselves in their eyes and the echo of ourselves in their words"

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My studies fraud

1. I am lazy. 

2. I am egoist. I hate the facts that so many people are better than me in every way of life. 

3. I am hypocrite. Im afraid of critisms and live my life in hypocrite way. 

4. I believe in miracles.

5. I am over-confident most of the time.

6. I disrespect teachers.

7. I dream high.

8. I'm a joker.

Apparently, I know all my weaknesses but take zero effort to improve myself. 

I exaggerated to everyone on Twitter that I was at  "how do i do it" stage but i think i had flop to "i want to do it" stage. Maybe i was lack of motivations. Maybe i was just lazy. Maybe i was just rather live in my dreams than in my pitiful reality.

Thanks 9gag for describing my life precisely.

Brainlab decreases my self confidence.

Bye i should working on these babes

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Honestly I cant imagine how my future would be. Lets not talk about SPM, lets talk about my life.

Oh geez how to start!

Seeing all my friends are working reallly hard on their studies and assignments made me feel so insecure. Being insecure by this context obviously is a good one, by feeling insecure so that i would work harder to compete with them legally. Healty competition. 

I prefer to work on last minute because by far, my last minute works are better than some works that i put so much effort on but still end up miserably.  I am clumsy and messy.

Just for this post, i dont feel like censored my words. Let me tell you the biggest secret ever, my accounting assignment for SPM paper 3 is actually only 8% done. I also already cross the deathline. That is why I am feeling down as hell. My friends just told me on our group's chat about their proggression and struggle for SPM. They seem working so hard! When i reflect myself, and recall my memories for what ive done today , i found out that i absolutely wasting a day doing nothing significant. For example, i woke up early today just to continue surfing internet, had my breakfast, watched doraemon, take a "nap" then woke up at 3 pm, rewatch Titanic and about continue to sleep. 

While everyone else at my age busying themselves go for intensive class, i busying myself watch movie that i already watch like about 100 times, while everyone was forcing their brain answering challenging questions on Add Maths, i was clueslessly thinking on what to do next. 

Oh my god! I have to move on! I am demotivated as hell. I cannot focus on my studies. Everytime i sit at my study place, my head feeling dizzy and my brain suddenly freezing. Masha-Allah. Lots of people reminded me that SPM has zero similarities with UPSR and PMR , where you can study on the last minute and expecting for good results. I know. 

That knowledge somehow killing me. I am pessimist.

The idek post

My writing skill is getting worse! Worse than ever!!!!! I have like 1001 stories to share but i cant put it in words! When i started to arrange my words, everything was messed up! Oh God help me! I am screwed!!!! 

Sorry for the inappropriate picture, its 2.20 am and i am freaking hungry! 

Here, I, myself, 
Sharifah Nuraina binti Syed Nahar, promise to read more books,
promise to read faster,
will always check the dictionary if i found unfamiliar word,
will always try to be a good muslimah, daughter, student and friend.
And will also try to sleep early!

Sharifah Nuraina.