Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dont worry be happy

1. Holla!! My writing skills R geTtiN w0rse ((ever it been good?!)) but whateVes i'M stilL gOin tO cOntinUe.

2. I know i supposed not to be here, clock is ticking, endlessly. 

3. So today i was scolded by my (secretly favourite) teacher for knowing nothing. Not surprise! I always scolded by her for my super lazy and unproductive attitude. Ha ha ha. I dont know i still like her even if she hates me huhU. Thats not the point. Today i discovered something, on, how selfish someone could be. But hey, not hard feeling cuz i get used to it. And somehow thats LIFE!

4. Never tell anybody about your major (weird) crush. This year such a pretty weird year for me. I got such a HUGE crush on a human panda (lol wut). And thats weird, peculiar , et cetera. If you have any crush(es) better keep it to yourself or just tell someone you trusted, unless you want to get hurt.  But then again, i get used to it. 

5. Don't procrastinate your solat.

6. Dont wori be hepi ;) ;) ;) ;*

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quick update

1. Okay hi, this is time stealing.

2. 22 days left and I'm in a good mental state. 

3. I loath the fact I am not ready

4. I lost my contact lens ... IN MY EYES. I desperately hope for every fibre of my body that the contacts is not in my eyes right now. Ok here is the story, i was too exhausted i slept with contacts and the next ITS FREAKIN DISAPPEar. Since i'm a heavy sleeper ((like everyone tells)) ((people keep contrasting me with Anna Frozen)) , i really really really hope the contacts slip out anywhere ((dang gurl its NEWWW!))

5. Graduation day done! Successly! But im not satisfied. Yeah bitch im fat go fuck yourself! 

6. Aww

7. I'm a star.

8. Forever.

9. No matter how fat i am

10. I'm still a star. Giant star perhaps.

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