Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mockinjay and one ringgit

Its been awhile since the last movie night. I pretend this movie night as a pre-celebration for spm. Chillax only two days left until i can verily celebrate the day. Huahuahua. Hey world im a grown up girl, dont mess with me anymore. I'm no longer a kid.

The movie i watched tonight was the hunger games: mockingjay part 1. I did watch the two previous series which are the hunger games and catching fire. But i didnt finish catching fire because i had some chores to do; house chores zz. Ruefully my brother didnt record that movie and in the meantime i lost the cd my sister bought few months ago. 

And today i watched the consequence of catching fire. Honestly i didnt understand that movie well. My mom wasnt a fan of sci-fic related movie so she dissed the movie but she didnt sleep in the cinema - like i did. Wahaha its crystal clear that i slept in the cinema AGAIN today. Wahaha embarassing! What a waste. I'm pretty sure no one wants to bring me to cinema anymore. I always sleep in the cinema. I mean who can resist such a cozy and dark place like that. I usually go for a movie after lunch or dinner; happy tummy + the coziness of cinema + the sound of movie = too perfect to sleep. I didnt have any problems with noisiness, despite the fact that i am a heavy sleeper, i also can easily fall asleep in a chaotic place. I also easily fall asleep infront of tv instead of in my bed. Kahkahkah.

And i slept again while watching mockingjay. 

Too lazy to edit

Our show was at 9.40 pm. We reached aeon CS at around 9.00pm. Then had our dinner at KRR.


The only sibling left hehe

Momma hates camera

You-can-throw-up-now kind of selfie

Anyone needs model for an xxl sized apparel. Do contact me.

Shawl : my sister's
Top: FOS
Cardigan: carnival at malacca, 10 buckssssss onlyy
Watch : an abandon watch in my house, found it when i was cleaning up the room. It didnt even ticking.
Bag: Nichii
Blue jeans: sogo (dont know the brand)((too lazy to take a look))

After the movie, i went to the autopay machine to pay for the parking. I brought a ringgit because the first hour no payment needed, after first hour , you have to pay the parking. Easy man, just a dollar no matter how long you park your vehicle. My aeon card was sick. So i had no choice except for pay using real money ((do fake money exist?! Haha)). 

The chinese girl infront of me only brought a piece of red RM 10 note and two pieces of green RM 5 notes. I was ecstatic because my sister once paid with RM5 note and the due balance was returned in coins. I love coinss. 

The girl infront of me firstly put the green note then rejected, after that she tried her red note, also rejected, then she inserted the another green note, the machine didnt accept her note. I only bring one blue RM1 note which i am very sure the machine will accept my blue note undoubtly. Then i told her that i think the machine didnt accept any notes except for blue ones. To help her, i hurriedly walk fast to my car and asked mom for a ringgit, the new one ringgit note and fed the machine. Holy crap it didnt receive any new one ringgit note. At last i put my first one ringgit into the machine. And tadaahh, finally the machine being tame. The girl, lol not really girl, more like lady around early 20s thanked me. 

Its my turn to pay the parking fare. I tried all my new one ringgit into that machine, obviously it rejected every note i inserted. Kahkahkah. Then i asked mom for some coins, haiyaa the coins section was blocked. After around 3 minutes, my mom finally found an old one ringgit. And tadaa i save! 

So today i finally helped people in need. I am so happy. I'm not intended to show off upon this very small help i gave to other, i just wanted to share to my blog.
Regarding how significant i felt right now. Finally, i saved a stranger from stuck in aeonz. Ha ha ha. Lol.

This maybe look very small. A ringgit today seems valueless, i mean, what can you get within just a ringgit. Back then when i was 7, my sister, neighbours and i will go to each house with the ticket of 'beraya' whilst everyone knew our prime intention was collecting duit raya. The standard amount people would give was 50cent, so when certain house we attended gave us a ringgit, we would be extremely happy. Sometimes, some big hearted people gave us 2 ringgit and we automatically labelled them as rich and nice.

But nowadays, when my brother came home after beraya to strangers' house who gave him a ringgit, he would nag and unhappy.

"Eleh seringgit je, kedekot."

One ringgit means nothing to him, and also to most of his peers.

But still, one ringgit today can still save you from not stucking whole night at the aeon car park.

Thats all for now.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

am i a directioner or am i a directioner not ?!

I swear Night Changes by One Direction is the best music video my eyes ever witnessed on. OMG I AM TURNING INTO A TOTAL DIRECTIONER I MEAN LIKE THE REAL DIRECTIONER who willing to quarrel with others just to stand up with the fact that One Direction is the best boyband ever, produced good music, the members are talented - regardless the fact some people said that they are just 5 good looking lads with zero talent. THEY REALLY CAN SING.

Omg someone is really has something to do with fangirling and one direction.

I cannot brain this.

I cannot believe what i was doing. I watched Night Changes repeatedly!!! 

After watching that video, i felt like i really  dating one direction. awwhhh.

One Direction started being really famous in my country on about late 2011. I was 14 and i never understand why people (girlsss) really like them. As for me they are just an ordinary boyband - until i myself be one of them. Kahkahkah.

But nahh, no one knows.


Well i am always be the most outdated one. People start fangirling over one direction since 2011 and honestly i be like a ''real'' directioner this year. Ameera introduced me on 2012, but those time i didnt owe any smart phones or tabs, i depend solely on laptop to watch youtube which was pretty complicated and took a lot of time. That time, my time is the real gold, i dont mind about what happened around the world, i have books and pmr to deal with. How nice were i back then. Would be nicer if i practise it along my spm year. Ahh whatever, past is past. 

On 2013, ameera went to boarding school. One thing i said to her that i will miss her when she's not around was WHO WANTS TO FANGIRLING OVER ONE D WITH ME ANYMOREEEE. Ameera responsible for turning an innocent me (you can throw up) into a satan. Lol jk. Ameera took the responsible for turning me into a directionerrr. But during 2013, i was just  a normal girl with a little interest upon one direction. I was just a fan of their songs. But not chronic yet because ameera wasnt around and no one took her part. Then i introduced one direction to izz. Forced her to listen to every single one direction song. I just introduced, she did her job well by keep listening to them.

I still remember last year, izz and i sat at the corner of the class karaoke one d songs while did add maths work. I miss that. And our fav songs are taken and moments. Sometimes i brought my phone and subscribed the daily internet ((that time i didnt know the wifi's pw)), opened youtube and sing along. I miss that a lot. 


Suddenly both izz and i are overly attached to one d. But neither of us admit it. The best part about being directioner this year was the day fireproof released. I have no idea why i like that song so much. 

but still, night changes mv is the best mv everrrrrr. 

Oh yeah, and i still remember last week izz and i were having like a pouring heart session- about one direction. Well we did it quite a numerous of times lately (lol as long as i remember was only twice). Wahh i never thought one direction is going to be the only reason i talk to someone. Kahkahkah. People change, remember? Just like the night changes. Cehh.

And i responsible for turning innocent izz (?!) into a bad ass directioner. Lol. 

Wait, izz are you a directioner?! 

Whatever, you are still a directioner to me.

Oh and Izz got PLKN. Cant reach her for about 3 freaking months. WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?! WHO WANTS TO LISTEN TO MY WORDS ANYMORE REGARDING how perfect one Direction is, how good their musics are and how jaw dropping their faces are?! Who? Tell me who?

I dont think ameera is still a directioner, shes more like a belieber- her boarding school friends influenced her. Hahaha

Is this a joke but why all my directioner friends have to leave me?


One Direction spoils me really well. They made me feel like i am beautiful even when i am not. I am very happy for their songs, i feel like they are talking to me. I feel like they know me. They boost my self-confidence to the level i dont mind going out with wet hair- very sloppy. 

They made me leave my books, for instance now. I was studying chemistry but then they knocked my memory and made me watch Night Changes mv. And yeah , i couldnt stop hitting the replay button and whatsapped izz non stop- i know she already hit the sack. I wanted her day tomorrow starts with one direction. Ha ha ha

But then zayn quoted that , "intelligence is sexy." So i have no choice except for burning the midnight oil and avoid study at eleventh hour. Plus promised myself to break a leg for spm (is this idiom contest) ((because zayn likes intelligent person, but for sure i'm not studying because of Zayn. zayn is only a contemporary interest while education is future)).

Thats all for now.


Monday, November 17, 2014

#3 SPM update (4-days diary version)

Friday, 14th Nov 

Basically did nothing besides watching Konsert AF repeatedly, i dont know whats my problem and that was embarrassing. At night, watched maharajalawak and non-stop complimenting on how perfect fazura is. I once met her at alamanda 4 years ago. She's purrrrrrfect. 

Noted: what is SPM?!

Saturday, 15th Nov

Woke a little bit late then go straight hit the tv. I couldnt remember what i watched. Had some breakfast and continue to my bed, had some chats with izz on whatsapp- pouring out my heart onto discrimination towards....... Okay lets not talk about this cuz this one is laughable. 

K fine.


One direction.

Ha ha ha.

And also figured out that the Night Changes is about ...


After that, do pay a visit to (little) boy next door whom just finished from khatan. 

Khatan- a proper word for sunat and....

Ahh idk.

My qtpie

Then continue sleeping while momma cooked nasi lemak. 

Woke up then ate then lying again.

Noted: i should study for account but nahh i still one day to do so. Starting tomorrow, i'm going to change (is anyone has any other opt except for vomit looking at my attitude?)

Sunday, 16th Nov

Mun's birthday. Wished her at 1 am. 

Responsible completed.

Woke early and also didnt study. Cant remember what i did. Until 6. I started study at 6.

Then watched mentor legend at 9.30.

At 10.30, i was watching paku- a horror movie. WALAH THATS A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE. A brilliant movie produced by this country after so so long. I was amazed!!

Until forgot to study.

Then, i forced my mom to accompany me studying at the very last minute. 

But alhamdulillah, i managed to handle. I can do every question very well.

Monday , 17th Nov

was the last person reached the exam hall. Quite nervous and panicked but hey its only paper 1. 

The questions were quite easy.

Then, paper 2 - where the miseries start.



But i still managed to answer all the questions but...

In a very inconfident way.

Right after paper 2 ended, i found that everyone was in the same boat with me. 

May the grade drop down, i dont mind getting an A minus. Seriously, i dont mind.

The face...

Uwaaa. I vowed myself to focus on next paper which is Add Math. 

No more hanky-panky.

For real though.


Guess who is this.

Clue: miley cyrus, hunger games

Hahaha lets not make its difficult.



okay, at least this made me laugh... no matter how insincere my laughing is.



Saturday, November 15, 2014

Random talk

1. Suddenly, anxiety attacked me when i watched spm tutor tv on lisa surihani's tips for spm. Omg i'm scared. Okay lets not talk about spm because that is nerve breaking. Dup dap dup dap.

2. I have totally ditch my twitter and  deleted instagram app on my phone (plus my 16gb phone couldnt bear too much, its a SIGN! New pHoneee!). But i still hang on facebook to keep on touch with current issues, i dont want to be such a total douchebag for knowing NOTHING what happens around the world. Furthermore, everything is knowledge and might help me broadened my mind (and somehow broadened my shoulder at the meantime hahaha)

3.  Another viral video i found early this morning was a 3 minutes duration video a 9 year old boy singing the song relakan jiwa while playing a guitar. I was amazed. He's so freaking talented and has such an amazing voice. Then, i hooked through the comments , wanted to see what people think about that video. And you guessed it right, people are bashing that small boy. Saying that he should recite quran instead of singing. Oh mayn! You are not with him 24/7, how did you know he shouldnt recite quran. Omg! I just cant. How negative these people are. Ish ish ish.

4. Thats all for this post. Really hope you guys living a beautiful life <3

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fried meehoon

This morning, i was feeling sad because my plan wanted to follow my parents to hukm was canceled. Sobs. Even worse, i denied my girls study group. Sobs. Now, i'm just lying on the floor figuring out on what to do next. 

Ruefully, i cried. I felt betrayed. 

To not let sadness taking over me and ruined my friday, i was thinking to do things that make me happy. Enjoying my friday. So i cooked. Fried meehoon. Kohkohkoh

Cooking is my current passion. I love spending hours in the kitchen, cutting onions, etc. Idk why but thats make me happy.

So heres ingredients for fried meehoon

- onions
- garlic
- chilies
- dry chilies
- chicken stock
- scramble egg
- meehoon
- tamarind juice
- cooking caramel
- soy sauce
- salt
- cooking oil

These are the only pictures i took hajaha.

Idk what the entire purpose of this post actually because im not even share the recipe, i just shared the ingredients kohkohkohZ

Kbye :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

just another emopost

based on ancestors, the ones who are easily sweat around the nose area indicates that they are having a strong unwelcome emotion which everyone wanted to avoid, jealousy. Jealousy is a killer. Trust me. pretended to be happy is not an easy task, unless you are chuck bass; but if you are lucky enough and have blair waldorf by your side. let me tell you something, you are so lucky. you are so lucky if someone really understands you, can read you through your eyes, knowing what you really want without you telling them, knowing your favorites things, not laughing when you pour your heart out, complimenting you in an appropriate way; not treating you like a joke, be there with you anytime , understands your mood swings, bear hearing any craps you want to voice out, do not question you why you like an artist you disguise last week and now you fangirling over him/her, asking a question on things you love repeatedly (honestly, i like it when people keep popping out with topics i enjoy, eg: do i look like a cat with an uneven pair of eyes?) and losing a stupid argument with you even when clearly that you are wrong.

hahaha, i actually wanted to make a bm post, but its so awkward because when i wrote in malay, the probability on me cursing in malay is 0.99999999 which means so inappropriate. its okay, im still going ti continue writing on this trashy piece. lol why i live life like i have a million of readers/fans or people who really wanted to know about my life updates. whatever, i do enjoy myself, thats more than enough.

call me stupid but i enjoy repeating doing things i like or love.

i hate to sound so emotional, i hate people looking me sad. i wanted people to know me as a strong girl, who doesnt know what is sad, who cant define sad, but i fail. no matter how hard ive tried, i still fail. im a girl, and girl deals with a lot of emotions. i mean, guy also dealing with their emotions, but girls deal a mixed emotions. in just 5 minutes, we girl may feel happy sad confuse and lonely. who wants to go through it? but we girls have had no choice, we girls cant control our feelings, just like guys who cant control their lust. at this circumstance, we all are same.

 we choose our own fortune and then call them fate.

looking up at the judging-related quote, at first i literally have no ideas that whatever we do in life, people might judge. by this context, judge means criticize everything you do. long ago, my mind set that, people only judge you when you did something wrong. as i grew up, that thoughts were changed. i realize that, whatever you do, not everyone is going to love hence they find for your mistakes and starts judging and start criticizing. and who we are to stop them from not voicing our the opinions. 

expert said,

do not aware of what you see,hear and talk, do aware of what are you thinking.

you are not what you see, you are not what you hear, you are not what you talk ; actually you are what you think. the things you think made who you are today. are you happy with what are you thinking? or, are you happy with what you are today? if you are happy and satisfy with what you are today, probably, you are thinking the right things. probably you are having a healthy mind. or, you are just another ignorant human on earth.


Monday, November 10, 2014

My phone & medical leave (mc)

Last Friday, i went to school for an extra private-like class with my one and only beloved bio teacher, pn noorzehan while most of our batchmates were still making love with their pillows ( okay, what is this?!). I was so excited, well to take some pictures and stuffs like that, wanted to enjoy school with izz because i am completely sure that i will miss the school with every fibre in my body soon. 

So i brought along my phone.

After tht, i found that my phone wasnt even on. I already charged my phone before i stepped out my house, and thats made me freaking scared. I just dont know, what my life would be without this human-creation things named phone. My phone is my life, my best companion! 

Then, i hit the on button, hold it for a couple of minutes, and my phone wasnt give any sign that its going to turn on. I am was so sad, there are plenty of photos that i havent had any time to transfer to the thumbdrive yet, all those photos i took during classes, all the memories! Aarghh, i just feel like crying.

Two days later...

My mom found her old phone, she wanted to transfer my sim card into that phone, as a final try, i tried hold the on button and WALAH! I was over the moon when i discovered that my phone is finally can turn on! 


Thanks to Allah.

Tomorrow is sejarah paper and i am pretty nervous. 

Just pray me to do well. Amin.

P/s : i really find aman af2014 is really cute and he deserved second place wahaha. 



Saturday, November 8, 2014

5 Things that Makes Me Happy

Well, life is not treating me well these days. I have had to deal with 1001 problems involving both physical and mental; which is so hard to resist since at the same time, I also in the midst of SPM. But, lets get positive, this is life. These things shaped me into a person I am today and future. I must always get in the positive boat and lying to myself that 'all is well'. I watched a movie just now, hero himself claimed that humans hearts are coward, they'd rather do things that MUST end up perfectly. This is why people around the world enjoyed happy endings, without realizing every end meets a new beginning. I cant believe that 'm just 17 but I have had to deal with A LOT OF THINGS most teenagers on my age don't. Is that makes me unique in my own way? You judge.

Without any further due, here are 5 things that makes me happy at these moments.

1. Gossip Girl

I know I am outdated, but I still love Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl forever. 
Whenever I am dealing with unstable emotions, I will straight away find for my laptop and hit Gossip Girl. I love the way characters in Gossip Girl dealing with their problems and emotions. Such an inspiration! And my favourite characters are Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Oh my God, they are so sweet together! 

2. Sleep

I forgot everything as I hit the sack! Most of the time, I will wake up with a brand new motivation and spirit! Therefore, I am a brand new leaf. Am I? 

3. Eat

Another reason on the series '1001 Reasons Why I Am Fat'


A serenade escape from reality.

5. Money

Ahaha, if I have a lot of money, of course I will be so happy as all my problems right now because of money. KAHKAHKAh

Friday, November 7, 2014

Life in a Day #1 - 6th November 2014

This writing session is my most awaited event of the day! Ask me not, lately I just feel like blogging. Probably because ;

1. I cannot post on Dayre. No words can describe how I appreciate Dayre for letting me write in an organize way. May Dayre's inventor bestow with a lot of blessings from the Almighty. No, I'm not disguising Blogger, you are the best since 5-ever, but I love changes because life is all about dealing with changes - you named it. 

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them -- that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.    

- Lao-tzu

2. Blog-walking passing through a numerous number of famous blogs is now my current hobby. I love to read their stories, experiences and life's updates - plus they were writing in a very interesting way, using a very simple and malay-oriented style, with no a splash of hypocrisy , very humble , straight forward and honest. How I wish I could apart of them, but then the reasons I made a blog are totally different from them. At first place, I made blog because I want to improve my writing skills, practising my brain to think from a different perspectives and to fake myself. Yes, the blog version of me is so much fake, if you know me in person , I guaranteed you must laughing your ass off right now. I filter almost everything before I posted something on blog. But its okay, at least I do have an amazing blog life instead of my reality. Lol why I sounded so like typical-highschool-dramaqueen-which-is-so-emotional-and-deserve-a-step-right-on-her-face. My life is fine, just dealing with a normal ups and downs in life - because its LIFE.

A lot of things I learnt today, and today was such a busy day for me (at last I felt significant).

Early in the morning, i woke to read agama because its agama paper and i'm not completely prepare; but Alhamdulillah i managed to answer all the questions. Its now between me,the examiner and the Almighty. Then, before subuh i was taking a bath. Honestly its because i once read that people who taking bath before subuh tend to have a low risks of having diseases, and its one of the ways to be slim kahkahkah <- --- prime intention. At 6, i made myself an egg with toast , OKAY THIS IS AN ACHIEVEMENT , I FINALLY MADE IT THE WAY IT SUPPOSED TO BE AND THAT WAS SUPER YUMMEH 

Believe me, its literally not as overcooked as you see. In fact, they arr so delicious. Don't judge a book from its cover!

After agama paper 1, i found out that coney dog was run out of stock. 

Ha ha ha.

After school, i was going to maksu's house, visiting her. She just got back from hospital and im not given a chance to pay a visit to her. And i went there wearing my snobbish baju cek0la. Kah kah kah.

Okay when i put everything in words, its not sound THAT BUSY but... hmm nevermind. I appreciate my life- eventhough how unvibrant my life is.


With my super sloppy baju sekolah... and a headscarf that pretended to be a bracelet - you fail bro, everyone knew you are not a good actor!

And a shameful selfie (gonna delete soon)

My brother was eating in the car on our 15-minutes-journey to maksu's house. Thats how starving he was! Lol no, he's always like that! Yes, its totally inappropriate to eat in a moving car and obviously our family doesnt practised a strict rule- but then, who cares?! As long as nothings harmed , everthings fine. Plus, it was so adventurous to eat nasi campur in a moving car kahkahkah. 

I'm answering the quiz, which characters in gossip girl you are. And guess who i got?! OBVIOUSLY I'M BLAIR WALDORF - and i deserve a Chuck Bass. Huhuhu.

Take the quiz 

Thats all, bye bye and have a great life ahead.

You know you love me


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#2 SPM update + random muse

1. Alhamdulillah, Maths was quite easy and I really hope for an A+, Insha Allah if Allah will.

2. Tomorrow is agama paper and i'm so scared!!

3. This is nothing relates to SPM but i just want to tell you. Have you ever know the policy "customers always right?". I will never ever understand on how hawkers could treat their money ((customers)) in a very disappropriate manner. I mean c'mon, everyone has their own problems, but when it comes on facing your customers, do paste your sincerest-eventhough-its-fake face. A little common sense doesnt worth a fortune.

4. But its okay. At first, i felt like punching him right on his face, but then i tried to put myself in his shoes; try to understand (plus its SPM, i mustnt create any chaos situation). At the same time, i tried to find my mistakes, and i found that i was a little bit impatient and too bossy. Alhamdulillah! I really hope to not repeat the same mistake all over again and try to be a better person in future; and try to not cheesed off easily. 

5. Just feel like sharing on what i ate today

Breakfast I (6.57 am) - bread and peanut butter

Breakfast II (9.32 am) - coney dog ( oh mayn, they are scrumptious!! I definitely going to buy the same exact coney dog tommorow! Why i discovered such a good thing in school when only about a fortnight left until school session ends. Sobs hard)

Pre-lunch (12.44 pm) - 2 hotdogs, 1 nugget ( like always, not hungry but just decided to munch something - 1001 reasons why i am fat)

Lunch ( 1.24 pm) - nasi lemak and fried egg oh and 2 pisang goreng and 1/2 vadai

Dinner ( 7.18 pm) - nasi , sardine, telur dadar and crispy ikan masin - kampungs alert!

6. I felt sorry for the 16 year old Raziqin's family. My deep condolence to his family. Its must be very hard for his family to go through in such situation. Allah loves him more :'(

7. I really think that Blogger is the most evergreen social network ever. Bravo!

Semangat Nasionalisme tahap 2

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spm update #1

Right now I'm in the midst of SPM war. Don't be shock on HOW CAN ONES STILL UPDATING HER VIEWERLESS BLOG?!?! Its english today and i'm practising my writing skills, for the last time.


I never believe the effectiveness of yogurt on smoothing the digestive system until i experienced it myself. I woke at 4, prepare for literature component. And i had yogurt as a snack with coffee. Oh mayn thats not a good combination!!! 

They forced me to go to toilet every 15 minutes!! Wahaha.

Now i learnt my lesson, and its gonna be useful after spm ended because my plan on getting 'dream body' gonna be easy!

Till then, 

Pray for me .


Sunday, November 2, 2014


I don't know why I can't post on Dayre. 

Oh hey tomorrow, 3rd November 2014, the battle between me and SPM starts.

Speak no more because i am toooo nervous and scared! 

Yesterday , I went to Pustaka Rakyat hooking for some stationary for SPM. Everytime i go to pustaka rakyat, i always hoped to not meet anyone i know because thats a.w.k.w.a.r.d..... 

But then, i had had no choice. Thank God yesterday was final piala Malaysia so pustaka rakyat was not too crowded.

The other purposes why i went to pustaka rakyat are 
- laminate my spm slip 
- photostat acc's skema

Going to pustaka rakyat for photostat was my last ever choice bcs 

1. In my mind, "dont ever ever photostat at pustaka rakyat bcs cost too much"

2. The workers are pretty cocky

3. The workers didnt understand me ((who ever does?!))

4. Its hard to explain to them. 
Evidence: i used to ask one of the workers to bind my acc's assignment, and the product is wreck. Not like a total wreck , but it seems nothing like i wanted it to be.

5. I lost my pustaka rakyat's card - 2 years ago. 

And jyeahhh

Everything has changed...

-The workers now are better 

- its took only one minute for me to explain on what i wanted and the verdict is... VaVav00m

- i laminated for RM 1.80 while izz RM2.00

I literally think its gonna take a whole night long for my photostat's items to really finish but then, my thoughts fade. I made the worker wait for payment, kahkahkah.

It is because...


Okay i was waaayy too excited than i supposed.

I looked exhausted and... 'educated'. Well izz said that. Blatantly because i was wearing specs. Hmm my contacts decided to hate me.........

Oh and thats not a crumple shawl, its actually a normal shawl which i too lazy to iron it. This is why i love fashion, you can wear anything and claimed it as fashion.

I always go to pustaka rakyat when i was a school kid back then ((hehe no longer a school kid)). Every visit is a total rush. Everytime i step , i will just find my way to the certain sections. I dont have time to venture all over pustaka rakyat passionately ((omg what is this!!))

Yesterday, i had a chance to do so while waiting for my stuffs. 

I know maybe everyone of you who ever been to pustaka rakyat knew that pustaka sold such a cute paper tape. AWWH. 

But dont have any chance to buy it.




And do pray for me .

I would like to appologize to everyone for my wrongdoings. Please know that i love all of you, may all of us find our ways and meet in the Jannah soon.