Sunday, March 29, 2015

One ringgit angel

It was an unplanned meeting. 

Location: Bangi Gateway


There's a preloved madness at the complex that i work and the rueful truth hit me like OMGG HOW OUTDATED I AM when i dont even know what happened untill my cutie minion named Nur Izz Hanani said that theres like preloved sale and everything is below than RM 50 and it was quite a viral and i dont know a thing and i work at the complex and i was stuck in the hole of "why so many people lately." 


i didnt bring a lot of money; my money almost zer0 so i need to save it. I only brought 4 ringgit then i bought ameera jarum peniti then i left 3 ringgit. I wander around with ONLY 3 FREAKING RINGGIT IN MY PURSE THENNNN SOMETHING CAUGHT MY EYES. 

With no excitement, i looked at the price tag because i know its impossible for that shirt priced less than 3 ringgit. 

I slowly turn over the price tah.

GUESS WHAT IT WAS 4 RINGGIT AND I WAS LACKING FOR ONE RINGGIT THANK GOD FOR THIS BUMP WITH IZZ , she gave me one ringgit. I feel like fell into knees showing how much i appreciate that one ringgit.

So heres a lesson, never ever look one ringgit with single eye cuz u dont know the power of one ringgit. Hohoho.

The 4-bucks-shirt-but-i-only-have-3-bucks-controversional-shirt.

*ignore my messy room hoho*

Mission unlocked: mom said it was pretty BEFORE I TOLD HER IT WAS ONLY FOUR RINGGIT THEN I TOLD HER IT WAS FOUR RINGGIT SHE WAS IN SO MUCH SHOCK. Hey everyone you can now call me to help you consult your finance, buying good things in small value of money. Thanks.

P/s: is it look like 4 ringgit shirt?!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Just feel like sharing some occurences that happened to me today.

I was back for work since 4-days off. I applied for leaves bcs i need more me-time and need to heal some pains involving both physical and mental. You know haha. It was a noon shift, since today is stock day and honestly i dont feel like giving a shit to anyone; on the other side i do really hope no one gives me shit. But just urghh i hate you people so much, a place which used to be my fav place, my second home is now a hell to me. My only tonic to stay alive is the presence of some amazayn (awwh i miss Zayn Malik so much, WHY DID YOU LEFT US DARLS?!) creatures. Alhamdulillah for their presence.

After so long, today ive been asked by the supervisor to be a waitress for a while since Afiq wasnt around, he went to solat jumaat. 

Alhamdulillah my mood quite good today. Being a waitress is a job i always wanted. I mean, instead of working in the box-sized-closed kitchen, i am much enjoy being a waitress. I tend to smile, all the time. My goal when i'm given oppurtunity being a waitress is i want to be the best waitress ever. You know like so cute, polite and nice. I do smile.

It was Friday. And Fridays during solat jumaat are when all the restaurants around town are closed. Except us. Haha. Even most of our workers are malays. Haha. Men. Haha. Haha. I should say, all those women are lacking of choices on where to eat during lunch time. Please, every friday they are rewarded with a long session of lunch break. For solat jumaat sake. How lucky kohkohkoh.

Riot during friday afternoon was a complete ordinary. Except for today. We are lacking of workers since Effa was resigned. SO SAD I LOVE HER SO MUCH AMAGATS WHO DID YOU LEFT ME ALONE IN THIS HELL PLACE FULL WITH SATAN WITH SATANIC ATTITUDE. huaaa EFFA HOW I WISH YOu'LL COME BACK ONE DAY. I miss all your stupid jokes. I miss all those sister-like advices from you, even when you are my age, but you do owe an adult behaviour. Huaaa i need Effa. We need Effa. Its hard continuing life here without your presence huaaaa imma co ced

Alhamdulillah, i managed to handle my works. Even not really well. Haha i do make some mistakes involving panic attack and that usual i-have-something-to-do-but-i-forgot hahaha #typicalbobster.

Then suddenly, a woman came to the cashier , wanted to pay her bill. She daid i do a great job. It was riot and i still managed to smile and treat all the customers in polite manner. iShy heLp. Huhuhu.

She said if i am working with Japanese boss, s/he must love me so much. She told me to keep up the good work. HAHAHAHAAHAHAH HELLO WORLD I FINALLY REACHED MY TARGET ON BEING A GOOD WAITRESS.

I DO NOT EXPECT FOR A COMPLIMENT BUT JYEAH IT MADE MY DAY HONESTLY. Thank you so much. May Allah bless you sister.

I'm not intended to show off or anything. I'm just want to share my happiness.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for this great feeling. 


I woke up early today. I did my laundry; long abandoned laundry. I did breakfast or should i call brunch hahaha it was at 11:56 am. Then i did tidy up my house.

Mom didnt realize. Till 4 pm, right after brother left home for a football practise, mom realized that our living hall looked neat. Not tedious just how it always look like. Mom was wondering who did it. She really think she was doing it but she couldnt recall when she did it. And yes, not even a moment spent thinking that i'm the one who did it. Because mom only know the lazy version of me. HAHAHHAHA.

Funnier, she really think that ghost who is responsible. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAH AND MY MOM WAS IN FEAR HAHAHAHAH. Since our neighbour just passed away. Omggg mom was so cayyute lollll


I want my life to be content. I want to help more people, spend time with love ones and appreciate me more. No more time spending listening to sad songs and questioning on how unfair god is towards me. No more. I promise. no more.

No matter what occurence happen to me, i have to move on and be happy. Its impossible to be happy all the time. But at least do try. 

I have everything i need. Air to breath. Enough food to eat. A unit of happy family. A circle of friends who understand me; even not really but hmm wtvs huhu. 

And the most important thing, i have Allah. The only One i need and the only One who can help me and be there with me.

Being sad was the worst decision ive ever did throughout my entire living.

Since then,
Sharifah Nuraina xx

Friday, March 27, 2015

How to Have a Happy Day

After 4 days off from my supposed-not-a-stressful-work-but-it-is, today i need to catch my normal schedule back. Huaa i literally feel like quitting but due to some priorities, i have to hold on first. For everyone's sake.

And to show to the whole world Sharifah Nuraina Syed Nahar is a strong tough girl. Yes i am.

Here's a piece i got from pinterest on how to have a happy day; obviously i need to apply this at work today. Mua ha ha.

How to Have a HAPPY DAY

1. Slow down

2. Say thank you.

3. Smile

4. Take a deep breath

5. Compliment someone

6. Appreciate small things

7. Focus on awesomeness

8. Notice three things you are grateful for


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mve on

After a fortnight spent life in grief, someone decided to move on ; thing she supposed to do since day 1.

Move on.

No matter what happened, life must go on.


How I wish things were that easy.

"If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were."

As a vulnerable girl who never pampered by any creature from opposite gender besides her family, of course, being pampered was one of the best feelings she ever felt. Once. 

Vulnerable. Then someone claimed he loved her for who she was. Every of her flaw was beautiful to his eyes. His mouth vomiting flowery words; as anyone whi heard might fall.

She knew, he's lying. She knew, never in a million years, anything he spoke were right. She knew what she did were wrong. 

She knew he's worthless and faithless, her brain said no but her stupid heart still want it. 

With a thin layer of imaan, she fell. Fell hard. 

And now, she currently fixing her broken heart. 

As what she imagined all came true; the way she expected it to be.

She supposed to calm because the Almighty had give all the clues. But she denied. She used to think all her insticts were stupid. 

Now, little did she knew, her instincts were a form of gift from the Almighty.

Thank God its not too late; even she once think he's going to be her soulmate. 

Now she realized, he's not anyone else worth spending eternity with. 

He's lustful. I don't deserve him.


He doesn't deserve me.

On the bright side, I've learn a lot. A lot. 

Thanks for all the memories.

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I may not be close to him. We barely talk. We are different. 

He's my childhood friend. My sister and I used to hang out together with him.

I still remember when we had our sleepover 10 years ago. I was 8, sissy was 12 and he was 10. 

And few other friends whom i cant remember who.

And yes, that sleepover was the one which still be one of the memories our parents will never forget.

"Remember you guys were so close that you guys slept together once."

10 years pass, its still fresh in everyone's head.

We used to be best buddies.

Time passes.

We all grew up. Different paths. Share the same childhood memories. We supposed to grow together.

I change. Sissy change. You change.

Carrying our different lives. 

I still remember there one time we went to Kajang town, watched movie. Then we had our lunch at McD. We ruled the first floor, playing with all those plastics playground.

I still remember, it was late evening in 2005, i was still at school. Against my norms, i usually took a ride by bus but one fine evening, dad decided to fetch me. Then, dad found our way straight to Metro Kajang. Mom, sissy, lil brother, you and syahirah (a girl from floor 5) if i was not mistaken were there. Mom was buying everyone of us the same exact shirt. It was white shirt with a small house print in the middle of the shirt. 

Then, yr younger brother was sulking bcs he didnt get that shirt. He asked yr mom to buy him the same shirt so that he can seat with us. 

You were so good back then. You do respect us. 

Until your last sip of air, i still believe you still do respect us.

And i still do believe you are a nice creature. 

No matter what people say about you.

I do apologize for all my wrongdoings.

I really hope you found what you seek for there.

And i know in my heart, you are the same kind-hearted boy. Always.

Al fatihah.



Its all about timing.

Great things, wrong timing.

Good share, wrong timing.

The majority of this circumstance happen to us at all times. 

I do always have something to write, write to remember. But i delay, in light of the fact that i need to read something first before write so that i have the ability to broaden my vocab and make my writing a little bit more i interesting. 

In the final analysis, i end up not writing and let the memories faded away as time flying.

Since i have no one to blame, i blame timing. 

Yes i am a blamer. My mom said that all the time. She said i am hardly commit my own mistakes and tend to find for someone who i can put all the blames on. 


In spite of the fact that she said that all the time, i still love her with all my heart.

But wtvs, the prime purpose here is i'm going to write more even when my preparation is zero. 

Yet, theres always something to tell everyday.

Make your life counts.

Live life like gossip girl episode.

Everyday is a new page.

Do write to remember, learn and teach.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cicakman 3

Its been ages since the last malay movie. 

But i have to admit Cicakman 3 is highly recommended.


Adios xx

Saturday, March 14, 2015



Clock is ticking, endlessly. 

Changes. Life is all about dealing with changes. 

Yesterday, i was so happy for everything, i am thankful for every single thing i have. I was a cheerful person, i motivate others to love themselves, to look at things in different perspectives, to not judge others quickly, to understand others well, to try fit yourself in their shoes first, to put a smile on face, to view every problem as an obstacle in order for to achieve for a better future, to appreciate little things in life, to pursue their dreams, to not care what people say because its impossible to make everyone happy once and to live life to the fullest as we only live this life to solace ourselves. 

Today, i am a total different person. I was feeling numb, useless, fat, ugly, stupid and as all the bad words were invented for me. 

3 hours ago, i felt like killing myself. Overthinking over every single thing and started to presume everything. Consequently, i end up crying in the washroom's cubicle. Sobbing as i lost my husband. Shamefully, i am still figuring out why i was crying that bad. You must think i am deeling with serious mental illness if i say that i was crying for no reasons. Lol. 




So to deny everyone's sick idea upon Sharifah Nuraina Syed Nahar is a mental illness patient, let me state the reason why i was crying pathetically several hours ago.


I'm afraid of changes. I'm at this point which i am totally comfortable with everything and somehow i want this circumstance to remain unchange forever. Even when i know its impossible.

It's impossible for me to stick anyone to be by my side forever.

It's impossible to be a baby forever, even babies grow up and be a man.

It's impossible for a rose to stay fresh and bloom sweet scent forever, one time, it will dry.

It's impossible to stay young forever.

It's impossible to live forever.

It's impossible to be happy every single day, everytime.

Regardless of everything, no matter how hard you try to keep things on track, theres always things happen that try to make everything upside down. Due to some reasons, change is a must. 


After minutes of crying in the toilet, after spending time letting overthinking took over me, i got the idea that what meant to happen is still going to happen. 

Adapt with changes is a value i'm lacking. 

I have to adapt changes.

I am an ambitious girl. Yes keep that in mind.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Heartbreak (18 y/o careless-ordinary-girl version)

Define heartbreak.

Heartbreak is when you found a perfect shirt for you on discounted rack, freaking 70% represented by red sticker.

You felt very happy as you're the owner of the universe. Well who doesn't right when 70 bucks  marked down to 21 bucks.

You searched for the right size and it presence. You grab it and found your way straight to fitting room. 

It suit you right. Perfectly. 

Then you wander around the mall, only if theres other things caught your eyes. 

Nnnothing caught your eyes anymore since that shirt suddenly tattoed your heart. You love it so much.

You started to think what shawl would look nice with that shirt.

You started to think to brag to your mom on how lucky you are finding a perfect soulmate in an inexpensive manner.

And as the last step, before that angel be yours legally, you queue yourself at the cashier. Suddenly your mouth automatically asked the cashier 

"Is this really on sale?"
"Sorry miss, the sale hasn't on yet!"

*storm attack*

"Its okay, i don't want this. Thanks"


And the shirt started to haunt you, stick in your mind and appear in your dream. 

This is how i describe heartbreak. Thanks.

 Till we meet again darl, i promise you'll be mine in future.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

5 things

1. I need to read more books.

2. I need to change.

3. Again, i lose the ability to write. 

4. I need to lose weight.

5. Bye

Monday, March 9, 2015

Everyday goal - 9th March version

Today's goal

1. Do not eat rice.

2. Do not drink any sugary drinks.

3. Do not throw vulgar words.

4. Do pray as soon as possible.

5. Go early to work.

6. Tidy up your room a bit.

7. Do not buy anything using your money (your mum's fine hehe)

8. Seat up 10 times.

9. Read a novel.

10. Write on blog,dayre and long lost diary.

11. Be nice :]