Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chemistry Lab & Cafe with midgets #ReviewByBobster (ERRR)


I promise, this is the last time I go out with my friends before all of us start a brand new life on different path. Not really a different path since Ain and Sheda are going to the same college, Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan, Izz is going to Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor , same with me but then I denied the offer and go to Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), pursue Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Process Plant). 

This time, we decided to just having a sort-of hi-tea (LOL) at Chemistry Lab & Cafe, Bangi Sentral. 

Why this cafe?

Because this is a new cafe which is quite popular ah gak. AND, i told my dad konon my friends semua nak celebrate me ah konon dapat course chemical engineering....terus kasik keluar, takde banyak bunyi kuikuikui, kaki bodek habis lol.

I was the one who started the idea on 'lets meet for the last time before we find our way and brace the college life' then suddenly, i cant join them because no one can send&fetch me since mom suddenly had migraine attacked. 

Lepastu dah boleh dah LOL.


Iced hazelnut latte , RM 13.

the idiosyncrasy of the cafe is, all the foods and drinks are served in apparatus. SO CUTE RIGHT!

Overall, okay lah kedai ni but sheda ordered ice blended green tea and the drink lambat ah gak. So mmg kena improve service kot but the staffs are nice.  #reviewbyboBSTER #LOL

"Bagi aku duduk belakang and nampak setengah je so that aku nampak kurus." -



Name : Sharifah Nuraina binti Syed Nahar
Hobby: Sleeping 


Bobby pervert 2.0

@ ixx's porch while waiting for mom.
Izz's place is like a transit for me ha ha ha.


"Bobby ni bagus kan, dia macam bnyk cakap so takde lah awkward"- Izz's J

Ha ha ha ha


Pastu jumpa Afique hantar topi busuk dia....



Bobby's found a perfect kimono cardi at Sohhore Street but had no enough money...

Otw from Sohhore Street to Izz's place,

"Bobby kau kena kahwin org kaya sebab kau ni tak boleh control." - ainzeamlee,2k15



Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A fine visit

Walah, I went out a lot these past few days. I went to Mid Valley three times in 4 days duration, Jalan Tar and Sogo. 

And yesterday I went to Bangi Gateway, for a meet up with Afique. Weheyy, I was ajak ajak ayam and suddenly he could make it. Ha ha ha omggg! Okay lah, its not like ajak ajak ayam, i was trying my luck, like 

"Hmm i think we should meet for the very last time since Ameera's going to UPM this thursday kan."

And yeah.

The actual plan was,

1. Jogging at Taman Tasik Cempaka 
2. Unguilty munching session at McD, yeah, not guilty bcs already jog...

Thats how its supposed to look like, based on my plan.

Then suddenly, on the day, three of us stuck at Secret Recipe Bangi Gateway. Yes, no jogging, no burger, no Mcflurry oreo.

Afiq lah sayang sgt Bangi Gateway dia tuh mmg deserve my bitch slap betul...

Washroom picture...

This washroom has witnessed a lot. The only destination i went when i was having hard times at work, you know like been scolded and humiliated. I cried a lot here. Thank God for the existence of this washroom. And not to forget the super high pressure of the tap water made my entire attire wet, more than once, hahaha. Or.. Am i that careless?!?! This place also taught me a few songs, like Sudirman Terasing, Dayang Nurfaizah, A shoulder to Cry song, kahkahkah. You know kan, kat sini dia pasang lagu, during frequent visit, mmg dah boleh nak hafal almost all lagu yang management pasang.

This is Afiq Azim chuolszsz. The only guy whom treated me really well during my working phase dulu. Sanggup menghadap my pointless drama, sanggup dengar my nags 10 to 11 everyday, someone who introduced me Hantu atau Buaya, even until now ameera and i call him afiq hantu atau buaya, a big fan of Mia Ahmad (Yuhanis, Hati Perempuan), had a big crush at kakak management pastu nak ngorat g panggil "akak", bapak spoil tak reti nak ngorat betul pastu after i dah berhenti, ameera told me afiq took mc for a few days, then that akak tu came over asked about afiq THEN only she found out afiq is 18 and she doesnt need a toyboy yet ha ha ha, a social-awkward guy, effortlessly funny, very baik hati and sangatlah nak dilabel PERFECTIONIST tapi takde lah perfectionist sgt pun. Okay lah perfectionist lah jugak, bila dia mop kat luar tu lama gila sampai berpeluh peluh, dia mop dgn segala semangat, padahal masa zaman i jadi floor (waitress) dulu mop asal mop je ha ha ha. Oh not to forget, afiq further his studies at UIA petaling jaya in foundation in engineering. Besides afiq and afiqhantuataubuaya, i call him afiqueeee.

Afique, afnen and me.

Everyone pls ignore me huge pimple and uneven pair of eyes! I don't have power to stop all these misfortune...

With Ameera. AMEERA's NOT WEARING SPEC EVERYONE SHE HAS SUCH A PERFECT VISION. lol no! She wore contacts and looked like a successful woman. Idk why.

Afnan gave me pomegranate peach cost myr 8.8 FOR FREE GUYSS FREEEE. touched :'))

I was sneaking over them and took afiq's picture, to blackmail him KIHKIHKIH

Afnan normal

Afnan bajet cool


Well, selfie is a must (Y)

Afiq mintak penampar


Selfie is a must (part 2)

I'm a pincher.


"Afiqqq aku nak tangkap gambar kau!"

*doing that hand on face*

"Aku buat trademark ucop."

"Takde nama lain ke kau nak sebut -..-"

"Asal kau malu malu ni"



When we were at Table 10 Secret Recipe, usual tempat lepak, afique said to me he wants to steal SR's cap as a memory, since i told him i still keep the apron and shirt. 

So masa i was jiggling around kedai, i saw the cap and directly masukkan dalam my bag for afiq. THEN I FORGOT TO GIVE IT BACK TO HIM.

And this cap end up at my house, WITH SUPER STINKY SMELL!!


1. The Jaya Grocer cashier still remember me!!! He was like "heyy" and i be there like "WAHHH AWAK INGAT SAYA LAGI KIHKIHKIH." 

Everytime i go bangi gateway, jaya grocer  is a must. 

I've been searching for cucur coklat adabi since 2 months ago, then only i know thats its now already discontinued!!

And i end up buying this.


2. Otw to surau yesterday, the homst guy yang selalu usha/hi/peewit me for the very first time talk to me. HAHAHAHAHA i kinda like him KBYEEEEE

3. Otw surau (part 2) i bumped my earphone's saviour!! Okay earphone story, i was eating at sushi king and left my earphone thurr. Careless bobsturr

4. Old malaya's waiter was so freakin annoying yesterday. He first came asked us whether can/cant he take the order now and i said not yet. Then i called him to take our order

"Order ke"
"Hah." (Not paying attention)
"Order ke"
"Hah." ( talking to ameera)
"Order ke"
"Hah. Heyy aku tampar kang!"
"Ok ok sorry"


5. Sr now has such a super annoying worker named Rauf. 

Maria told me so.

I didnt believe at first cus hes looking fine.

Afnan called me to the bar, reminding me of my usual habit dulu which is curi ice and letak chocolate sauce. 


then i pun buat lah pastu random complain ah 

- me

"Mana ada doh sama je rasa dari dulu lagi "
- afnn

"Dulu kau ada masalah lidah kot!"

I was so shocked and be there like 


Maria was laughing so damn hard hahaha.



Alhamdulillah, yesterday was a fine visit and everyone treated me nicely. 

Alhamdulillah :)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mid turm ( kihkihkih)

Went to Mid Valley yesterday with Ameera, looking for some college stuffs. Well, its been a while since we last had our real interaction, face to face, you know talking about life, work, progress and love (hsss)

Ameera was fixing a fisheye lens which i accidently broke into pieces, i'm such a disasturr. 

A picture i took using a fisheye lens that lose its major lens. Haha i've to admit that this one look pretty good like i've een using photo editor app, whilst the fact i am not. 

#coolkid #err

Ayays, finally found the missing piece of lens. And Alhamdulillah, the fisheye lens still can be use. Bobby, when lah can you stop from being a disaster. Sobs sobs sobs.

Krkrkr i look yellow @Nandos

1/4 chicken with corn on cob and rice ( couldnt remember mediterranean rice or spicy rice ha ha ha)


I bet everyone of us tend to face problem on "WHERE TO EAT" all the time, everytime.

Not to mention, my friends and i. Hahaha

"Today i wanna eat something new my stomach never digest."

"But you're hungry , i'm afraid you'll not achieve satisfaction."

And we end up stuck at McD munching on Spicy Chicken McDeluxe (lol never err no)

This time, i added another option regarding "where to eat" issue.

For the very first time yesterday, Ameera and i entered a Korean-style restaurant. Lol both of us have nothing to do with Kpops kahkahkah. 


We found our perfect spot, got our menus and....

"Kau betul ke nak makan sini?!" (Padahal dah duduk)

"Ye lah, kau nak makan apa ni!!"

"Jap aku nk tengok menu."

"Hmm, ke kita nak bangun?!"

"Kau biar betul!!!!"

And with all the remaining courage in us, we get up and leave, thanks everyone in the restaurant for treating us like Beyoncé(s). Ha ha ha.

Sorry there, one day I'll eat there (couldnt remember the restaurant's name haha ) 
oKay!! Hehehe

Ootd harom jadoh :p


Ameera was thinking on buying something for someone whom had help her a lot during her dark times (err). She was just thinking without telling anyone (blatantly refers to me), but then she was like , 'ahh such a crap lah, takkan nak beli kot'. Apparently, i asked her whether should she buys something to him. She said she was thinking so...

This is what we call instinct, its like u dont have to say it i know it all! Hahaha.


*saw a v-neck shirt*

Ameera and me

"Lawa doh v-neck, kalau yang sado pakai mesti nampak lawa tapi dia kepeng doh."

"Aku kurang berkenan lelaki pakai v-neck."

"Ye ah yang sado sado pakai nampak lawa lah."

"Jap weh tapi model ni pakai v-neck nampak lawa doh, boleh ah beli!"

"HAHAHA NI MODEL NI PAKAI MMG LAH LAWA sbb model ni lawa hensem sado, kalau dia pakai HAHAHA."

And there we were, in the middle of the store laughing like helpless sealions hahaha.


"OMGGGG IM GOING to take this picture and edit, replaced this model's face with his!"

"Tak payah lah bengong! Hahahaga."


I bought a shirt at Uniqlo men's section for only 19.90!! Omgg i've always have a luck when it comes tu barang murah haha. Btw , thanks ain for introducing me men's section (ha ha ha).

*too lazy to take the picture of the shirt"


Me/ ameera

"We never take a proper picture everytime we hang out together."

"Sebab kita selalu huha huha macam gila sampai lupa nak ambil gambar hahaha."

What i've realized : if you're really happy, you dont need a picture to proof. Kbye

"I look retard, ameera kau pulak pegang camera!"

Ameera bapak lawa




Thursday, May 14, 2015


Met an old friend when I was at the hospital for a medical check-up. She was there for a medical check-up as well. I was amazed when I first looked at her. She wore decent. I really like it. Long tudung, long shirt and loose bottom. Sejuk mata pandang.

One day, I wish I can wear like her. I really hope I have that courage.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Current Fav song

 Lovers First - Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas

You said you would always be a friend
But lovers first is hard to follow
I'm begging you to reconsider
Making me your lover again
Not saying that I've got regrets
But my heart wasn't for the taking
But I'll let you keep it to consider
Making me your lover again

And if the winter breeze comes and takes you away
Remember all those summer days
I begged for you to stay
I don't know what you're looking for
Maybe it comes with time
But if you come around again

I said the writing wouldn't stop
But your life's words were hard to swallow
You said you don't consider
Making me your lover again
And I said I'll visit you come spring
But you didn't seem for taking
I won't move myself to consider
Putting myself again for you

And if the winter breeze comes and takes you away
Remember all those summer days
I begged for you to stay
I don't know what you're looking for
Maybe it comes with time
But if you come around again
If you come around again

Now time has pass
And let us came
From you just begging for my mercy
But I said you, leave, you must consider
That I won't be a damn fool again

And if the winter breeze comes and takes you away
Remember all those summer days
I begged for you to stay
I don't know what you're looking for
Maybe it comes with time
But if you come around again
A lover you won't find



1. I use paperclips as an extension to my necklaces.

2. I ate no Ayam Penyet at Wong Solo.

3. I bought such a perfect shawl at a very reasonable price.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Give up bæ

Just one of those days I give up be a human (Y)

(Can't wear contacts due to eye infection caused by using an old contacts case i found randomly during spring cleaning my room)

((You notice it! Yeah you notice that i hav such an uneven pair of eyesz! Brav0!!))

change as it is mandatory

I remind myself. This is a blog, not a freaking diary. I remind myself to not show grief here, this is not a suitable place. I remind myself, not updating blog is not a sin. I remind myself, pretending to be happy is a "good decision", its like... eurgh i don't have a good analogy for it but my point is, pretending to be happy is just another way putting salt on cut. I remind myself that it's okay to not be like everyone/anyone specific.

I may rarely update my blog after this. Perhaps want to focus in life. Pray for me! But i'll never stop write to remember, maybe not here but somewhere else. 

I always wanted to be a good blogger whom give advice and i want people to learn from me through my writing. I think i'm writer , but i'm not. 

Right now i'm not in a good state of mood, soon i'll be normal again. And hopefully all these difficulties i'm facing right now will help shaping me into a better creature. Insha Allah.

Btw, regarding this post. I just would like to share that I'm going to further my studies in Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Chemical Plant) at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP). Wish me luck everyone. 

I know it is so un-me. It is literally off the road on my dream on becoming a successful lawyer/ accountant/ economist. Never in milennium, i ever thought on being an engineer. Because i know its not my passion. 

for the sake of my parents, since they really wanted me to be a chemical engineer, i fulfilled their wish. Thats what a good daughter do right? Plus when she knew that it is the only thing she can do to make both her folks happy. 

All i know is i will love this course and study really hard Insha Allah.