Sunday, July 26, 2015

literal lyfe upd8

As life is not always rainbow, correspond to life is not always gloomy.

Salam 3 more day till final paper for sem 0.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rant bfore back to unlovely place

Me trying to imitate my sis :'D

With my chikaro brother


Location : Hulu Langat
Activity : eating King of Fruit; Durian

So you think you can dance?
Durian next top model
My durian and I

Say bye to blue nail.

Anak tudung & eyelash curler : rm12
Cup cake cup : rm 3.50
Parking: rm 1
Tol: rm 1

Total damage: rm17.50

That was how i end up my honeymoon phase at Kajang before i have to go back to unlovely Gambang.

For the very first time, i'm traveling by bus today (22/7/3015). Nerve-breaking! And i'm all alone ((like usual))

May i hav a safe journey!


Monday, July 20, 2015

random b

1. Which one is worse, to wait for something unsure or to express then broke our fragile heart?

2. " And in the end, we were all just humans..drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness." - F.Scott Fitzgerald

3. Don't confuse busy and productivity- we are all busy dealing life but not all achieve productivity.

4. Arguments less occur when girl not interested.

5. Coffee shops/ cafe are where people discuss business and life.

6. Leopard printed shawl I bought last week is now my favorite shawl- blame Dewi Yusra.

7. Normal 4 hrs of download turning into 1 minute when you are using UMP's internet (( not every time))

8. Be a calmer girl ; idiolize Kyra.

9. To not share any unsure occurence with anyone. or even share good news with others. Not everyone has heart as you.

10. You'll look classier when you reduce joking ((correspond fun)). Conclusion : The classier you be, the less fun in you.

Its like

Choose one

A. Classy
B. Jovial

11. Not to annoy people with phone calls ; you can simply know how important you are then.

12. Don't beg people.

13. Be true to yourself.

14, Don't laugh while talking.

Life project : #1 writing to future me

What if you are allow to have a conversation with the old you; previous year you, and what if there is a reunion of yourself. Do you get what I would like to emphasize here?! Isn't that exciting? Meeting you and advice your own self. The truest things will flow out from your mouth. Haih. I am fantasizing too much.

It's impossible for it to happen.


there is a substitution to it.

Never in a million years you would be able to turn back time. You cannot advice the older you but you can advice the future you.

By writing! Write to future you!

Remind yourself your purpose of living again. Remind yourself about your dreams today. Motivate your own self. There's always time all of us feel like giving up ; don't let them happen. Don't disappoint yourself!

Humans are forgetful, life purpose changes as time moving.

Do what is right, not what is easy.

Don't forget that dream on becoming multi-millionairess! Even if it seems impossible to achieve but the moment you have the ought to dream, you have that chance to achieve it! Some people are fail on dreaming because they set their minds they can't get it! It's not a sin to fail! Be fearless!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Last day of Ram

The sooner you realize your time is your most valuable asset, the sooner you will begin to protect your time.

Salam 29th Ramadhan. Last day of Ramadhan. Wowda, how fast time flies...


What's that means?! Less than 24 hours left till hari Raya.


I literally feel like updating blog but zero ideas wander around hsss.

Today I balik kampung. My so-called kampung is at Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

sorry not sorry i barely hav this kind of ootd pixxxx

Selamat hari raya pepos x

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Day B

As everyone already mentioned earlier, I am now a college student and I am so busy coping with my new life.

But honestly, I miss writing.. and also reading. I barely have me-time these past couple of months. Learning so much things, meeting new people, adapting with a whole new environment, et cetera. Walaweh, I'm a total grown up kid today. kuikuikui.

First day college version of Sharifah Nuraina Syed Nahar.