Thursday, August 20, 2015

sushi story

my brother never eat any sushi before and he was craving for it since 2012. weird is that he's craving for something that never pass through his mouth.

yesterday, i went to jusco(aeon) balakong , find our way straight to the grocery department. my brother picked some sushi. he really wanted salmon. he's so ecstatic cuz finally he can eat sushi. i told him, sushi is not really good unless you like something raw. he said its going to be fine. our family is not a big fan of sushi cuz my mom doesnt enjoy sushi at all, because sushi is raw.

my brother once went to kidzania and he made japanese food there. he ate bento not sushi. suddenly, he's a big fan of sushi. so thats basically how he into sushi.

in the car, my brother ate his sushi and decided to not eat sushi anymore hohoho. at least, he got his 'dream' sushi.

when i was working back then, theres a sushi restaurant near my workplace. on some special lunch with ameera, we will go for sushi treat. you know, on those days we were freaking into sushi when we got scolded by our manager, when we wanted something special to fullfill our stomach and also right when we just got our salary. oh gosh, i miss gossiping in the sushi restaurant! Miss so much!

at the sushi restaurant, there's a cute waiter. one day, i incidently left my earphone. after zohor prayer, i came back asking whether did my earphone can be found anywhere, and he kept my earphone! hahaha. so cute. also, theres time i tend to eyeing this particular chinese restaurant worker. he constantly wooing me but i sort of play hard to get but i liked him. hahahahha.


19 things I will tell my future child

"1. Wash your sheets every two weeks, I promise you'll sleep better.

2. If a boy breaks your heart, it's okay to cry.

3. If a girl breaks your heart , it's okay to cry.

4. School is important, but there are many things you can't learn in a classroom. Pursue them.

5. Find a passion, and run with it.

6. No, you don't need to lose weight.

7. You are beautiful without make up.

8. You are beautiful with make up.

9. Being a good person will never go out of style.

10. Buy yourself flowers if you're feeling sad.

11. Getting enough sleep is important.

12. Drinking water has so much benefits.

13. Believe in fairytales, believe in love, and allow no one to steal your magic.

14. Reading is good for the soul.

15. I am not here to judge you, but I will always support what I think is best for you.

16. I appreciate you.

17. I am proud of you.

18. Even on your worst days, you will never dissapoint me.

19. I love you no matter what."


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

3 things

1. dont forget to apply overseas and check upon scholarships regularly.

2. be yourself, everybody else is already taken - Oscar Wilde.

3. i have had no other option other than study really really hard and care less about others.


another b's nags

i am now in the midst of sem-break. AND I LITERALLY HATE the fact that i'm going back to ump in less than 2 weeks. its been almost 2 months and half i've been in ump, my college but i still dont like that place  much. i do have friends, but still not aiding much in the process of loving my college. it made me jealous seeing a lot of people of my age having so much fun in their college life while i'm not. i hardly can communicate well, i'm such a joker. like a real joker. people really think that i'm so good in communicating with others and i am funny and talked a lot BUT only with my circle of friends.

okay, so here's some embarrasing to talk about but there was a guy once called me balloon OMG THATS SO RUDE. i know i am fluffy and fat but you have no right to call me with that! i never ever even know you and your name how could you did that to me. like seriously. i do only mix with my friends and hardly communicate with the opposite gender because they are disgusting and very not my type.

some of my friends really like to make fun of me and i quite dont like it. urghh! i miss my girls so much, they never did these to me, they are so so nice and fine and keep supporting me and I MISS THEM SO MUCH. they understand me! i really miss talk to them. i can pour my heart out to them with no hasty judgements! hmm

speaking about attire, people here are so weird. they dress up weirdly. lol no. i am weird actually. but, people will look at you like an alien if you decided to be a little bit more stylish and they will call you jangok. urgh, sometimes, i wear just like most of them girls, a normal baju kurung with matching shawl and they still call me jangok. WHAT AN UNFAIR TREATMENT TO ME! just because i wear shawl, suddenly i looked overdressed to everyone because they constantly wear bawal all the time . i am not a bawal girl! i tend to have a zillion problems with bawals like, seriously! i am more comfortable with shawls. the length of your hijab and everything, yes thats a big deal. urghh i hate. why cant evryone just focus with themselves instead of interrupting on others.

pahang. thats another problem. so far away from kajang. homesick is like my number one companion. i homesick all the time, i miss kajang, i miss kenaria kndo. there are only a few shopping places and so lack of choices. i also hate the toilet, its so uncomfortable and everytime i feel like pooping, i will say to my friends that i'm going to go back to kajang just because i want to release there hahaha.

friends. they love me because i love to joke around. i seemed happy and laughing, i'm fine actually. BUT i hate at the same time. if you give me choice, i obviously want to leave that place asap. i dont know either i hate my college or i hate my college life because there are so much things to do and so much things to catch up and so much things to plan and so much things to think; errr like so BUSY and DIZZY!

i always wanted to go to near institution where i can back home every single day. so that i dont have to think on what to eat, dont have to think twice on when should i do laundry and can use toilets comfortably! my dream right now included driving to school everyday. if i stay at home, its going to super super easy for me and i love my place so much.

thats all for now


nail spa self

i'm so sorry for my super duper fAT  hand

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

i xnk kahwin

Well. just like everyone else, really got an ocean in my mind but failed to put into words.

i bukan tak suka lelaki, tapi i rimas. i macam tak boleh langsung. somehow, i rasa geli dengan lelaki i tak tahu kenapa. tak payah tanyalah kat lelaki of course they felt the same towards me kot, tapi i tak berapa nak kesah. mmg one of my dreams nak jadi kaya, nak earn so so much money and help my parents and at the same time i want to be a successful woman and also want to be respected by everyone. moving on to 'pasangan hidup' or soulmate of whatever, i mmg tak pernah nampak bayang pun. i keep imagining me and insha Allah my bright future with my family and me go to shopping without looking at the price tag. bab lelaki ni memang i quite tak boleh doh I DONT KNOW WHY, LIKE seriously haha.


so tadi i read about tak kahwin something like perempuan taknak kahwin and stuffs. banyak la they talked about this and that blablabla and with their endless arguments which only led to no-solution road. that a good thing lah kan, bertukar tukar idea and bertengkar zz. 

 amongst the reasons stated are

1. women want to focus life
2. afraid to start over
3. career
4. want to help parents
5. comfortable being single
6. no kongkongan
7. hard to trust men
8. past experience
9. trauma
1o. et cetera

if you ask me, entah lah. i pun tak tahu nak cakap apa, tapi i ni memang jenis yang boleh huha huha dgn my closed friends but i always tend to have issue when it comes to opposite gender.

whatever it is, i really hope the best for me and for all of us.


Monday, August 17, 2015

lack of gratitude

I am so upset with myself right now. I am so an ungrateful bitch.
i hate it :'(

Sunday, August 16, 2015



it's a hello from an 18 years old Kajang girl.

Alhamdulillah, thank Allah for giving me another chance to live on your green earth.

received a numerous number of wishes from expected & unexpected individu.

Thanks guys, may god bless all of you as well  :D
sorry for the dirty mirror

hiiiii, 18th selfie

craving fulfilled, finally CHICKEN CHOP

before i forget, here's another mission i succeed, alhamdulillah ive done puasa 6 for the very first time this year.

car selfie in the car is a must (night)
me trying to pinch mama

my super duper perasan brother.

bobbsy <3

Friday, August 14, 2015

happy 18

hiii... i will officially an adult in less than 30 minute, it's my birthday!!! 15th August! heyya i am now can pass 18sx movie HUHUHuhuhuHU. okay bobby such a pervert :p basically, i watched Istanbul Aku Datang while waiting for Maghrib. ((and heyy ive done 5 out of puasa 6 this year, such an accomplishment because as what ive mentioned earlier, i never did puasa 6, usually i did puasa 3 or puasa 4 OR maybe just puasa 1 or 2.)) again. i watched istanbul aku datang and interested with Lisa's role as Dian. She had a blog and being genuine to her blog; then i reflect to myself, HOW FAKE I AM TOWARDS MY OWN VLOG. Konon nak buat everything verty smooth. BOBSTUR SUCH A FAKE BITCH! because honestly, i have(had) this strong feeling that one day i'm going to be famous and ppl will stalk me and all my social networks and obviously I wanted to look classy af so i decided to konon nya lah buat blog ni super duper fine. such a joker. J O K E R so here's my turning 18 resolution, i want to be true to myself. wish me luck xoxo B

Monday, August 10, 2015



I dont know whats the limit point of human's anger cuz i'm so angry right now dealing with so much stupidity and selfishness. My anger management has been tested so hard today.


Can you imagine how angry i was.

1. My mom took the key house and went to neighby's house. At first my brother was around, the actual purpose of taking the key house is to make sure my brother didnt step out from house for the sake of upcoming UPSR. He had been out so much lately, we all afraid if he lost focus. ((He's not that smart and so fvckg lazy)).

So my mom took the key house. I was fasting today. It's puasa 6 for bulan syawal and today was my first day. It's about 6.++ pm. Whilst waiting for maghrib prayer, i was with my phone checking upon updates from all my cheekies AND I JUST FOUND OUT THT MUET SPEAKING TEST IS GOING TO BE ON SEPTEMBER. We( all my friends ) are all taking november session. At my first thought, i really think all the four elements (listening, speaking, reading,writing) held on november. Then suddenly i was starstruck to know that the speaking test is on september. To be precise, 9th September, 11.00 am.


Before back to my lovely Kajang, i really wanted to have the sweetest honeymoon phase; by that means i brouGHT ZERO BOOKS ALONG WIMME. I left everything at pahang. And i need to present back at pahang at 30th. Just 10 freaking days before the assessment. With MINDS (orientation week) and stuff, what DO YOU EXPECT ME to pREPARE FOR SPEAKING TEST. I don't whose going to be my examiner, which hall, what to wear and the number one problem, whose going to SIT THE ASSESSMENT WIMME. I'm so afraid that i got placed with someone who is hard. Okay whats 'hard' meant. LOL.

2. Back to that key house story. As what i mentioned earlier, i was fasting. It's almost time for maghrib prayer, cik intan was about to give me food, it were ayam, cempedak and pau. And she also wanted some cold water. We got this water filter station in our house. Unfortunately i cannot help her. Plus, irsyad came over and told me tht "kak bobby irsyad nak makan nasi, irsyad tak makan lagi". It was because his mum was fasting as well. I really really really love to feed him because he is so freaking adorably cute. but i cannot make his dream comes true because i cannot open the freaking gate. 

3. Then, i went straight to my phone ws-ing my mom explained the whole story. The next miserable was that my phone charger decided to take a long break. i cant CHARGE MY FREAKIN ANTIQUE IPHONE 4 AND I ALSO BROKE THE UPPER BUTTON SO I CANNOT SWITCH IT OFF/ON BECAUSE ITS NON-function. Its going to be a doomsday if battery fall to zero cuz i can no longer use this phone. How devastating.

Thank god, i got a quick replacement but then still need to buy a new one.

4. I don't have enough balance in my phone so i cannot phone call anyone. So i need to use my house phone. 

Again, a difficulty.

To the the house phone, i need to take the cable from wifi's modem and connect it to the house phone so that the line is connected. Just like z old days, 


Yeah, welcome to my life.


I was taking the cable from the modem in angriment, it's like i was put all my angera at that cable.



The tiny flip of the cable was broke.

Consequently, i cannot phone call my mom and THE INTERNET WAS NOT WORKING ASTAGAAA.

5. Maghrib prayer finally be heard. After fried an egg, warm up the sardine and rice, i broke my fast first. 

-5.<--- its a negative because i fixed the internet.

Yes i did. With screwdrivers and the brain of mine, i managed to fix that internet stuff. ITS NOT AN EASY TASK I SWEAR.


After all, it was a challenging day.

But i'm still
Not yet calm with brother and mother. I feel like pinching them so so so intensely.

Maka sesungguhnya, puasa kena banyak bersabar.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 5: choose the best

When i was a little girl, i like things in order. I prioritize neat; unlike nowadays. One of my biggest interest is the Mr. Midnight series. Mr. Midnight is a book series of horror and very very popular among my schoolmates on 2007 till 2009. Writen by James Lee, Mr. Midnight series was undebiably a big hit.

During upper primary times, i was called a book nerd by my family members as i spent most of my past time with page-turning session. Everytime i went to mall, the first place i'm going to find is bookstore. 

I do collect Mr. Midnight. I would buy mr midnight according to its sequence. Because i want to have the entire series as my collection. I never spend time to read its synopsis. Because i've strong believe that i'm going to own it all; it's matter of time.

Fast forward now, i think i can still apply the same concept. Don't need to choose cuz i'm gonna have it all: one day. But nahh, it's not going to happen. 

Now, in whatever i buy, i have to choose the best. 

And that's what life is.

You cannot have everything thus CHOOSE THE BEST!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

a lil inspiration for us




Day 4: i 1 cikin cHop

such a sad day. 

My mom promised me a fine dining dinner, i was craving for chicken chop so so much. Dress myself up and suddenly my mom doesnt feel like eating anything western then she brought me to her (supposed to be our) favourite stall. 

And i consumed zero food there. (Dahlah lapar nak mampos :'( )

Day 3: Wut is thiz

Tears my heart into pieces. I know, this is not a new thing hence i don't like to get myself involved in any political rage especially in social media. 

Hello, guess what? Bobby re-install this game! Huhuhu

Monday, August 3, 2015

All I Want - Kodaline

the coolest mvs I've ever watched! 
two parts of it with the same song!
enjoy :)

All I Want

All I want is nothing more
to hear you knocking at my door
cause if i could see your face once more
i could die a happy man i'm sure

when you said your last goodbye
i died a little bit inside
i lay in tears in bed all night
alone without you by my side

but if you loved me 
why'd you leave me
take my body
take my body
all i want is 
and all i need is
to find somebody
i'll find somebody
like you


so you brought out the best of me
a part of me i'd never seen
you took my soul and wiped it clean
our love was made for movie screens

but if u loved me
why'd u leave me
take my body
take my body
all i want is 
and all i need is 
to find somebody
i find somebody

if u loved
why/d you leave me
take my body
take my body
all i want is
all i need is to find somebody

sort-of-orangy chicken

hey guys, i do cook okay!

white egg
kentucky flour 
oil to fry

mandarin sunquick
black pepper

Day 2 : Wake me up!

Told Ameera that I am feeling demotivated and feeling like give up life. I am feeling incomplete, my chest feel narrowed.

Then she gave me this picture and ask whether did i feel anything after seeing this picture.


It's a nature to feel incomplete, desire to want more and feeling never enough.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 1 : sem break has started!!

Walahhh the day finally came!! MY FIRST EVER SEM BREAK!! Going to make it worth every second.  Insha Allah.

Day one ended so fast. But i finish this first day onto 21-day challenge- strong sexy you. In a duration of 21 days, i will be strong yet sexy hahahaha.

Another thing i accomplished is i only eat one carb today eyeys. 

Towards a lindsey...