Wednesday, September 23, 2015


hello hi. Tomorrow is raya haji and i finally got this golden chance to go back to Kajang after about 3 weeks not able to be home.

It's now early in the morning but I am just feel like throwing major vulgar words towards everyone because i cant do my laundry since the washing machine id full. eeee, i've waited for entire day & night yesterday! i've tons of clothes kot, how can i not do laundry!! my departure time is today's 1.30pm, my class 2-hours duration class starts at 8 am.

& i havent start packing yet!

Wish me luck guys with my laundry session which consists of

30 minutes of washing
45 minutes of drying.

btw my beloved roommates and i finally bought our v own wifi

sooo, more posts to come! (like who cares haha)