Saturday, October 31, 2015

9 zings

1. i know i have no other option but to study. my first half of semester 1 was so upsetting . i have to work that ass off. but it is so hard to study as every time i think about to go to my workspace, i suddenly feel dizzy and sleepy. full of satans i guess. BUT I HAVE TO OVERCOME THIS, cuz i want to be a multi-millionairess.

2. i have to lose a lot of weight. this sloppy fats need to detoxify asap

3. i am so broke. i need a lot of money to fix life & everything

4. what happen to my relationship with the Almighty. haih

5. i want to travel to lot of places

6. i want to join all those society clubs but i hate everyone

7. i tot my college life would be so perfect like ones in the tv, but nahhh

8. i hate boysssss

9. i can hate everyone


breathe in
breathe out

what a miserable life

Saturday, October 17, 2015

engineering, test 1, expoconvo & bright

Yknow it that engineering scope of studies never be my cup of tea since 1997. I never mentioned about engineering even when i was in standard one when the three most popular ambition during tht time were doctor, engineer & lawyer. Never ever ever. 

18 years fast forward...

I stucked in an engineering school. Struggling doing things i never wanted to do & smh meet/know ppl whom temperaments i never expected to exist & dealing with emotions tht nvr i wanted to happen.

Thats life, am i right?

" do what you love & love what you do."

Of course! I'm living with that quote. 

Here are all the aftermath faces after a physics test. About the test, i dont know how to describe but one thing for sure, i tend to catch myself laughing in the midst of answering the paper, not once but quite a number of time. Imma laughing at my own answers, dont ask me why, it's just ticking my heart looking at those answer & of cuz question. It's not like i'm not studying but yeah bobstur hates it to study at the elevents hour bcs she couldne feel the genuinity of studying to learn cuz all she got was studying to sit a test. The keikhlasan all gone. But sometimes, we need to do that bcs if not, we r all fail. 

After the psychotic phys test, we found our way to Expoconvo UMP. Expoconvo is an expo for the upcoming convocation. Its like a bazar that sell a lot of stuffs like food, drinks, ice-cream, clothes, FLOWERS, accesories & et cetera. Well our(my) only purpose were food. Hahaha.

Ustaz kazim elias with his popular forum of "kalau dah jodoh."

Here few things i remember he said

- love is not meant to be with you. If you rlly someone, doesnt mean s/he MUST  be yours. True love is to see the other half of you happy, even if s/he not with you

- focus on your studies& yourself, Allah has made the very perfect plan for you. A better you will attract a better next/future/life partner.

- obey Allah & parents. Not to make HIS larangan with the name of love, darling thts not love, its a lust.

- theres a story: a husband & wife. The wife is wearing purda, they smh make a biz on helping others to get married at siam & also the wife will masuk meminangkan other woman for her husband. Then they will ask the girl to wear purda as well so tht when she met ppl she know in public, the ppl will not recognize her. Another one is the wife gave her husband married another woman(especially career woman) then kikis that perempuan then left her just like that. Nauzubillah min zalik.

I told my family that i was siting for a test andd....

I wonder if you get what i want to emphasize here muahahaha.

b <3

Thursday, October 15, 2015

new twidder header (like ppl care muahaha)

Well you know i love to collect memories & keep it & eventually kill me smh.

K its just my previous header, i'm gonna delete it on my camera roll so i post it here,perhaps for future reference in case i miss myself in future.

Thats what i did & suddenly found myself sobbing infront of brutal yet quite a heartless balqis LOL. I WITNESSED HER STRUGGLE TO CALM ME DOWN, i felt like laughing but i was too emotional muahahaha. That's what friend & roommate for right?! LOLSTER

B <3

Sunday, October 11, 2015

You did it :')

Ameera najihah aka my sister from another flesh aka my classmate when i was 15 aka my colleague aka the reason why i got attached with phone all the time as ppl misunderstood her with my invisible boyfriend aka my girl aka my fRiend, is finally pursuing her studies overseas. 

Ameera najihah has been my fav girl since 2012, been in the same highschool since 2010 but only to know her existence when we were placed in the same class on 2012. Wasn't really close to her until mid-year, after i found both of us have quite a number of similarities, we were both never owe a boyfriend, incidently eye-ing the same senior crush, tend to reach school SUPER early in the morning yet spent our mornings together in the canteen whilst munching over hot chicken nuggets & a sizzling session of gossiping, apparently having the same political views which it was so rare during that particular time plus at those moments the general election supposed to happen & hard in love mihun tomyam to death.

How can i not remember 2012, a year full of struggles. Struggle of being all alone in the class as both of my midgets left me alone in 3 Inisiatif as both of them were placing in the same cage, 3 Dedikasi. I was all alone and sit beside the evil genius Sarah Ainan. Sarah, another girl whom full with misteries & packed with knowledges she wanted to know even when the rest of our peers think tht would nvr be a matter. Ridiculously cute, risk-taker ; sarah ainan.

Then i met ameera. We were not talking to each other much on the first half year. She sat beside me. But then, God done His job well. With a short time of knowing each other, i decided that you are the one. LOL WHY IM TALKING LIKE SHES MY LOVER, i'm not a lesbo & WE ARE NOTHING AGAINST HUBUNGAN LUAR TABI'e. Hahahaha.

Then we struggled together for our PMR. Fresh in my mind the scenarios of us, you , afiqah and me found our way straight to the canteen right after class, eating mihun tomyam & discussed politic like we knew everything. Well, great minds think alike.

There also time we were in the same group of agama and the entire squad came to your house to do the powerpoint slides. That time, i just about to know that unifi offers a v v fast internet service. Muahaha. & your mom looked exactly like geography teacher; pn norbaini somain & you have such a very lovely siblings, super nice sistur & extra cute brothré.

On the night of the sports day, your family decided on a small occasion & you invited err asked us to help you with the occasion. We attended it but not as a helper but as a disaster; except for sarah. On the fine evening, we did photoshoot session at the beautiful mini taman at your house compound then we took passport picture & wearing tudung like minah minah kampung yg sesat HAHAHAHA. Then at night, on the time we supposed to help, instead we all watch masterchef & fangirling over TOMOK & azwan ali. lol.


You were placed in your dream boarding school & all i can do is nothing to stop you. I was sad. But that's the fate. 

We continued life in our path, with the help of technology, we stay in touch


After the spm, wALAH WE WERE COLLEGUES. the loose bond seems to get tighter. Facing so much things 2gether, you witnessed be being a fool & so much things happened. 


Different colleges but connected af heart. I was all jealous as your college is just a step away from your house & you frequently back home whilst i was all here in pahang, rarely got a chance to be present at home. Still connected thru ws.

& today, 11th october 2015 prolly will be the last day we are in the same time-zone as you are going to Cairo to pursue your dream, our dream on studying overseas. Yes, you did it. You did it darling. 

While me, still sipping the bitter green tea at the corner of my hostel & finding out what to do with my life.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Kepsi pace

Went for a jog for the v first time. Err i guess today's session was the second time but nahh the first one was just a walking session with a group of new cliques back on approximately 3 months ago.

Punctured. Exhausted. Tired. Fat. Lazy.

Those are the words meant to me ahaha

During the whole occurence of jogging session, the mind just keep wondering on what to eat or dinner. Aheyy, protein is a must & i've been craving for pan-grilled dory for so long. I just want protein & want to get rid of carbo as much as i can. But, makanan ruji die hard.

I love rice ; the main source if carb LOL.

Aimi been craving for KFC. 

After a whole compexity of dilemma related to KFC, we finally found our way to KFC taman tas. 

Me going with a bagful of assignments to be done & deadline tmr.

But alhamdulillah i managed to settle it down. Aloha. 

Even when i frequently go out, i am not "hampeh" as what some guys rlly think we are (i am)

Well, its really up to them on what to think & judge us since they dont know us well but still act like they know us just because they keep update about us on social networks LOL

That's how world works isn't it? Ahaa

Typical enough

So basically here are some unbizarre circumstance of mine 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

fiercely loyal

holla guysssss

It's first of October 2015 and Sharifah Nuraina Syed Nahar still fiercely loyal to Blogger since 2008! WALAH!

I miss writing & blabbering even when i know i have no readers but yeah...

I write to myself & future self s0 wh0 cares ab0ut having f0llowers LOL

IT's almost 4 AM & i am not yet sleeping & i got electrical quiz tmr uhuhuhu. BLAME BALQIS FOR BUYING ME NESCAFE ICE THRU VENDING MACHIne.

Here in ump, ppl dont call vending machine, they call it mesin gedegang as when the can drop out from the machine, it sounded GEDEGANG.

0bjection ya honour!!

Bobby tend to hear the sound of fallen can as GEDEGENG so vending machine supposed to sur with mesin gedegeng. Hashtag bobbyslogic

Here's a picture of me (obviously) with aiiman at megamall's surau where also happened to be the only surau which ALWAYS be robbery venue. 

So guys, put an extra eye to yr belonging when u're there!

Aiiman and i been extra excited yrstrday when we first glimpsed at the telekung corner, THERE ARE A LOT OF BLACK YET BEAUTY YET ELEGANT telekungs LOL how batak we are. *were

So we took pixca