Monday, November 30, 2015

throwback #1

26th December 2012

the first ever picture in my antique phone i got for my pmr's result. insha Allah, going to swap to a new on soon. supposed, all photos in this phone are going to get vanished.

baim was so cute back then, i cant resist. how appropriate, respect me & listen to me. 


but nothing i can do to turn back time.

but I were given chance to live that life once more, I'm sure grab it and live it to the fullest :)

Current reading #1 : Shopaholic Abroad

Hasil carian imej untuk shopaholic abroad

gonna accelerate my reading skill.

Foodies #1 - Instant Nasi Goreng Kampung

Instant Nasi Goreng Kampung at 7-Eleven that my friends and I have been eyeing since forever.
And also Cool Herb Tea I never know how it tasted cuz it looked pretty healthy.

one on one

well, i always have A LOT oF THINGS. 

a lot of things to do
a lot of stuffs to buy
a lot of chores to get finished
a lot of books that collecting dust
a lot of feelings 
a lot of songs to hear
a lot of movies to watch
a lot of running man episodes to enjoy 
a lot of studies i need to catch up
a lot of money i need
a lot of passions in me
a lot of weight to be removed
a lot of time for Allah
a lot of supposed to be missions to be accomplished
a lot of posts i want to write, honestly

and sadly truth

a lot of time i found myself losing focus in class
a lot of regrets
a lot of shameful memories
a lot of unspoken words
a lot sorrys
a lot of money wasted
a lot of time wasted doing unnecessary thing
a lot of things i did that against Allah's bless

It's all happened because I thought I was a supergirl. Yea, maybe i can be a "SUPERgirL" for a day, but later days, i can bet that i'm going to give up.

Thus, i decided to do only one thing at one time.

wish me luck


finding for peace-ness

Daripada Anas r.a berkata : Saya telah mendengar Rasulullah saw bersabda : Telah berfirman Allah SWT ; Wahai anak Adam ! Setiap kali engkau memohon dan mengharap kepada-Ku, Aku tetap mengampunimu atas segala dosa yang engkau lakukan, dan Aku tidak peduli. Wahai anak Adam ! Andai kata dosa-dosamu sampai setinggi langit, kemudian engkau memohon ampun kepada-Ku, nescaya Aku akan mengampuni. Wahai anak Adam ! Andaikata engkau datang kepada-Ku dengan dosa sepenuh bumi, kemudian engkau menemui-Ku, sedang engkau tiada menyengutukan Aku dengan sesuatu pun, nescaya Aku akan datang kepadamu dengan ampunan sepenuh bumi pula. (Hadis riwayat Tirmizi)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekly Mission

1. Be on time for class.

2. Write diary every day.

3. Declutter usually.

4. A little less talk, a little more in action.

5. Eat no rice.

6. Green tea every night.

7. Hand wash all your clothes.

8. Don't be terribly happy. ( i know this weird but frankly speaking, when i'm overjoyed, i lose my mind and don't care about everything)

Wish me luck guys,