Monday, November 30, 2015

one on one

well, i always have A LOT oF THINGS. 

a lot of things to do
a lot of stuffs to buy
a lot of chores to get finished
a lot of books that collecting dust
a lot of feelings 
a lot of songs to hear
a lot of movies to watch
a lot of running man episodes to enjoy 
a lot of studies i need to catch up
a lot of money i need
a lot of passions in me
a lot of weight to be removed
a lot of time for Allah
a lot of supposed to be missions to be accomplished
a lot of posts i want to write, honestly

and sadly truth

a lot of time i found myself losing focus in class
a lot of regrets
a lot of shameful memories
a lot of unspoken words
a lot sorrys
a lot of money wasted
a lot of time wasted doing unnecessary thing
a lot of things i did that against Allah's bless

It's all happened because I thought I was a supergirl. Yea, maybe i can be a "SUPERgirL" for a day, but later days, i can bet that i'm going to give up.

Thus, i decided to do only one thing at one time.

wish me luck


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