Saturday, December 5, 2015

locked away (for real)

I used to be the star of computer/ technology.

Once ago.

But only between my family members.

There's an IT class when i was in form 1, that I constantly absence because I'm lazy & there's plenty of time I asked my friends to sign for my name, even I signed our names for the later weeks. So, this kind of irresponsible habit of mine of not attending class but the presence is in data had been exist since I was 13. But, honestly I didn't apply it in University.

Semester 1 of my diploma, computer lesson is a compulsary, with 4 credit hours. The most credit hours. I can almost swear that this is so boring and tiring and no fun at all and i hate IT.

I'm such a douchebag in the class all the time.

Yesterday, Aiiman and I went to the lab to finish our assignment 4 that was autocad based. We didn't have the software and the installation took hours.

1st session

10.10 am - 11.00 am

don't know what to do all the time, thank God, Haziemah & Umi were there to help us.

Then we were kicked out from the lab cuz there's an official class there.

I saved my work but Aiiman's not because she's too shy. IDK why, chill sis,


the second session supposed to start at 1 pm, but both of us terlajak tidur.


2nd Session

5.15 pm - 6.25 pm

with aiiman and birthday girl, Syafiqah.

- syafiqah's PC suddenly blacked out, miracle happened and it turned out normal

- aiiman forgot her email's password

- the main gate was locked, asked a gentle arab man to help us



Then, found our way to library for chem's book & straight to KK4 for tomyam-treat!


while waiting for kekman to settle her autocad

sayang <3

us ft chem book

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