Sunday, December 6, 2015

starving b

5th December 2015

Mission of the day, spend nothing to food.

because only 1 buck left in my purse ha ha ha.

I succeed the mission....

until 11.30 pm, I went to Aiiman's room and constantly nagging over my concert stomach.

12.00 am 6th December 2015

I found myself and Aiiman were heading to KK4 for a meal.

from left; aiiman punya, aiiman punya, tak tahu siapa punya

hutties aiiman

derp me

After several hours of chatting and me constantly being a clown and such a bimbo (no intention), then we went back to our KK3. It's such a great night, i supposed cuz i've been dying to talk to strangers this last couple of days. Well, I like making new friends so that I can reused my same old sick jokes. 

And somehow they laughed, perhaps as a respect. 

Then we bumped into some other classmates, and I was so afraid this particular person. zzzz

Last time i met him for a project, it's already 10 pm and i claimed it's too late. Then this particular person said it's still early but of coz for girls, it's late.

And a week later,

he found me in the  midst of giggling and laughing at 2 FREAKING AM.


Regrets of the day :

1. why the hell am i GOING TO kk4 for unscrumptious kotiaw kong fu

2. bobby why u bimbo

3. bobby y u bimbo 2.0

starving b

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