Monday, December 21, 2015

stress b in action

1. i am so stress right now!

2. it's the first day of study week! i must study.

3. i'm so stress because i'm fat and ugly.

4. i'm so stress because i miss home.

5. i'm so stress because i need a lot of money to travel, to buy new phone and to album-ed all photos in my phone.

6. i'm so stress because i am really fun and nice but no one notices.

7.  i'm so stress because i know what to do but i didn't do it anyways.

8. i 'm so stress because i want to blog but i dont know how.

9. okay, right after final i'm going to share upon my experiences going to gambang waterpark with my ump bitches (not the usual ones)

here's a few teaser.

at the surau of gambang waterpark

effortfully showing our strip


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