Wednesday, January 13, 2016

louis' my lucky masscot

after so many hours watching how i met your mother, oh that show was so great!!! yeah, i'm late, the last episode aired about 2 years ago, i'm way too busy back then (zz).

back to the point, after so many hours of watching himym, i decided to have a so-called productive day. i opened my laptop to write about this piece of story about what happened to me last saturday, well it's pretty hilarious and i feel like my life is a sitcom. easily affected bobby in action!

then i switched on my laptop, about to write a word and little did i know that my alphabet "B" had difficulty to press, you can say it, sort of antique laptop. then i put myself in a situation which i pulled the B and i cannot stick it back.


how hideous it seemed when there is such a hole in the keypad, i'm enough having old stuff but not a hideous unfunction ones. with a reference, i tried to stick it back. it took me about 25 minutes to get it done. gosh. its a micro! thank god i'm not taking micro engineering!

louis tomlinson.

i was listening to love you goodbye. after a bazillion times of trying to make the stuff get into each other, that time, louis' high notes was in charged, i sang along and




I MEAN C'MON, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I really feel like a winner!!!


conclusion : I love louis.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 3 – Your views on drugs and alcohol.

                             As a Muslim, drugs and alcohol are prohibited in every way possible. Except for drug for medicine. I mean, the misusage of drugs are prohibited. Alcohol is well known as a bad thing since i was a little kid. In islam, if you drink alcohol (in an amount i can not remember) , all your good deeds are not counted for 40 days. It’s always scared me out. I watched a numerous india-based films i found out that every time they have difficulties in life; love failure, money insufficient, etc they would somehow went to the rooftop and drank alcohol till they lose their minds. there are basically 2 types of alcohol, good international expensive ones and cheap local ones. After all, the purpose are all the same i guess, to help people forget their problems and enjoy the moment. In 3 idiots, Kareena was drunk because she wanted to earn courage which she never got during her sanity.

                               There are heavy punishment for drug addict, drug dealers, drug keepers and whatever that related to misused of drugs. When you are under the dominant of drug you will lose so much sense i guess. There’s a recovery centre for the ones who want to go back to the right path, but once they fully recovered from any drug addiction, the society still can not accept them. Sampah masyarakat – malay term for drug addicts. Drug addict also lead to minor and major crimes. I just watched Law and Order just now, the story i portrayed an abuse case due to consequence of cocaine. The father is a psychologist, a jealous wife dizzled him so he gave cocaine, asked her to train their children. An abusement happened. I felt sympathy. You can not do anything as it was a fate. To be born like that, worsen, wrong choice. We cannot simply punish people without trying to fit into their shoes, but law was not invented for nothing. Even the fairest judge can not give the best result because they can never feel what the offender feel, the reasons behind on whys they do that. It’s all the matter of fate. Yes, you can change your fate and work to be a better person, but... zzz. Whatever, let’s just pray for the best.(( By the way, drug dealers are rich ha ha ha. ))

                               Every one is the same, whoever you are, what ever wrongs you do in life, i belief theres always a reason behind it. Have some faith with God, He knows what to do.

Day 2 – where you’d like to see yourself in 10 years

                               2026. I’ll be turning 29. That’s quite a huge sum of number. All i want for my last year in 20 series is to have a very stable mental condition. Away from the quarter – life crisis! I want to be happy! i want to see myself in designer suit, my only problem is whether to go for prada or gucci, being a really successful engineer and the most important thing is that, i want to love my life and live to the very fullest of it. Not to forget, i also want to have a very tight relation with the almighty, read a lot of books, mature but not boring and perhaps no longer an extra jovial joker. What a life!

                               I also want to make my parents really really happy, sending them to the holy place, with my own money. Speaking of it, it just reminded me of my dream on exploring this world. I want to travel! Oh geez! It’s all about money $$.

                               Having a fit body is always on the list.

                               Marriage? Hmm. Let God decides it best, i have no idea when it comes to this matter.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 1 : Your current relationship, if single discuss your single life is.

     2016 and still single.  Single in relationship term means that you don’t have boyfriend or girlfriend. As for me being single also means that you are courage enough to face this world alone. Well, perhaps you need everything you need (except for a partner), a very nice big family, a bunch of companions you called friends, a good circle of aqcuaintances and a tight life schedule that make you really busy until do not have time to think about anyone except for family, friends and money.  However, it’s the moment right before you sleep, you recap about hows your day going on , it’s hurt to admit that you literally need someone to listen to all your stories. Just listen.  That time, you will feel  lonely for not having a partner.

      Being single is actually good. You can do whatever you want to without thinking anoyone’s feeling, you can flirt with anyone you wanted to without feeling guilty and you can eat your meal without thinking what’s your partner eating right now. Being single also means that you don’t have any respon sibilities regarding telling your partner every single hour on where you are, whom are you with, what are you doing and also what are you wearing. It’s sort of free.
      OKAYY, LETS GET IT REAL!! No more sugar-coated words. Being single is actually sucks. Especially when you are surrounded with people who have partner. Lonely af. That’s how my life is. There’s time i felt literally really really lonely, till the level i did my own night walk at the jog track. It’s hard to focus on life when having nobody by your side took the most space in your mind. Having insufficient cash just make things worse. Well for me, it’s much better to not have boyfriend but have money, but my case is that, i have neither. 

     Being single is sucks when you are amazingly awesome and happy go lucky and your friends love you and you got uncounted amount of compliments over how fastastic you are. It sucker when you achived something and you just want to share to someone and WALAH, you don’t have that someone. Somehow you will always end up talking to your imaginary camera you named ‘Mocha’ and your roommates scared at you for talking alone but still joining you talking to that camera.  Tht’s how you achieved your happiness. That’s how you heal your own loneliness. It’s even harder when you can’t tell anyone about your loneliness because you want to maintain your classy and i-dunt-care-whats-going-on and i –love-me look.

      Pretend. We all should stop pretending. I should stop pretending. Stop pretending that someone is really on my phone when nobody actually does. Stop pretending that i dont care but deep inside i did and much more embarrassed that everyone knew about it no matter how much i hid it.  The more effort i put to hide the loneliness, the more it showing. Yes, being single is lonely. Only if you weak as me. My friends keep saying that  i am a bipolar disorder patient. I can be really happy and the next  5 second , i can be really moody. Well, that’s what lonely person do right?

     On the other hand, i am so free and happy. Just what i’ve mentioned earlier, i can do whatever i want. Being single also help me nourish myself. I have more time with me. I get to know me better. I spend most of my time with me. Being single also improve my imagination, it’s like i can imagine ANYONE in this world to be my imaginary boyfriend without feeling guilty. I can still make a list on my dream guy; without feeling guilty. I can dream bigger than anyone else.  

     After all, it’s all the mindset. You always incharge in your happiness. You can not blame or rely on anyone upon your life. If you decide to be happy, in whatever state you are, you will be.