Monday, March 14, 2016

shell & tube

Those are shell & tube exchanger. It is widely used in industrial processes and power plants as they can work both in small volums of heat transter and as well as needed as in high pressure system.

I'm sorry if I bored you with my engineering stuff. I just need to write this OMG im so stressed!  Last week I conducted a laboratory experiment on the effect of flow rate in the effectiveness of shell and tube exchanger. 

Unlike lab manual and all those scientific-related manner, I'm just going to point out everything I understand about this experiment.

Basically there is a big machine named shell & tube exchanger. It's a pretty cool machine. There are a lot of small tubes inside it which I bet people called turbulence. There are 2 parts for this experiment, A is for hot water and B is for cold water. There are two tables we needed to fill in. During experiment A, we need to make a constant flowrate of cold water which my group decided to go for 10. We need not to adjust the flowrate of cold water again for the entire experiment A, instead we just need to adjust for the flow rate of hot water which is 5, 10 , 15 and 20. The reading of the temperature for hot & cold water inlets and outlets will appear right on the digital screen. Not easy as it seen. We first made it wrong, we adjusted for both cold and hot water. Then, with the help of super nice lab assistant we managed to back to the straight path. For each flow rate, we needed to wait for 5 minutes in order to get the most stable value. 

I actually involved minimal in this experiment because idk why it's hard for me to get along with people while doing experiment. Everytime I voiced out, I felt so numb and I felt like dragging the whole group to the hell of a fail grade. Then, I decided to keep quiet. I get along well with the girld but not with the boys, Idk why maybe I am incapable of working in group. OMG.

That's it. So much things more to say but I think I need to stop now. It's 2.11 am and I got 8 am super strict but not at all garang but a bit english lecturer. Followed by Calculus at 10am and I revised nothing on differentiation. and finally got mass and heat transfer lab at 2pm with interview that I havent finished my studies yet. And i also havent perform isya' prayer and my place looked like tornado.


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