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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

a coward b

Consistency. There's time when I actually can read, study, doing sudoku, watching TBBT and write a post. But, I'm afraid whether can I do the same exact things tomorrow for the sake of consistency. I am a very dependable to an emotion or uncatogarized thing called 'mood' and voluntary. I hate to do things I don't want to do, things I don't give a fuck on, et cetera.


Life is not always going the way you wanted it to be. Plans are somehow just a plain written words on a piece of paper; no any specific meanings, no longer a guide towards a dreamy life. Some circumstances left us no choice except for just go through it.

I actually don't really know what's wrong with me. Me and my engineering course story is like in an endless tale of love-hate relationship. Whenever I faced hardships in studies, I blamed engineering. Whenever I met an un-nice human, I blamed engineering. Whenever I found myself problems ; I blamed you-know-what. It's sometimes not even related to you-know-what.

The first place I took this course is because I think in future I will not regret. It's once a lifetime offer and both my mom and dad were over the moon the day of my UPU result came out. Unable to make them disappointed, I grab this chance. Oh for my goodness sake, am I blaming my parents?

See how coward this B.

May one day, I got back what I missed.

Friday, December 25, 2015

aunt b

1. Salam maulidurradul.

2. Merry Christmas.

3. Guess who's now officially an aunt?

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Since last Biology's class, i decided to start my 'protein diet'. I cut carbo on my daily diet. It work, for THREE days ((u can laugh now)). As a Malaysian, rice is a must. Rice is our makanan ruji. Most Malaysians cannot live without rice. My mom would feel dizzy if she didnt consume rice for a day. Same goes to my friend ((no worries dude i wont mention your name hehe ;p))

Thats not the purpose of this post actually.

My brother is a big fan of Manchester City FC. I cant remember since when but all i know is he's a big fan of MCFC. The game between Manchester City and Liverpool today was such a heartbreaking for him since his beloved team lose to Liverpool. 3-2. 

Let me share to you something, my family and I were having our dinner at one local tomyam restaurant near my house. The moment Liverpool scored their second goal, my brother was drowning in tears. I couldnt help myself from laughing. Everyone at the restaurant was celebrating the goal happily while my brother was suffering and crying and hid in my mom's tudung. 

(While waiting for my brother at barber)

        (My maid's birthday cake)

            (For irrelevant purpose)

204 days till SPM