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Friday, March 25, 2016

Jimah's birthday celebration

Last Thursday was Haziemah's 19th birthday. Haziemah is my classmate, someone I quite closed with. I sometimes hang out at her place. She's extremely nice! She loved to call me poyo. All times... sometimes for no reasons, she would suddenly

'poyo lah bobby ni.'

And i would respond like

'hmm poyo ke?' - sad face

then she afraid that i terasa

'eh manada, kita main main je.'

This endless loop of she calling me poyo and i bajet terasa memamg sampai bila bila tak habis. If she reall think that i terasa, oh bruhh, this heart was made of steel. (krkrkr) ((made of steel ke))

After all, she's very nice. Haziemah very rapat with her roommate and also her bestfriend, Umi. Umi is so funny. Not like me-try-hard-funny. Umi is just naturally funny. Couldn't recall any example to visualize her type of funny but seriously, if you hang out with them, you would lose your mind. Okay, not that dramatic.

Nak dijadikan cerita, in order to celebrate Haziemah's birthday, we went dinner at steamboat.

Aniq steamboat's if i'm not mistaken.

Located near the heart of Pahang, Kuantan. This place very popular. 

Adults - RM 19
Student (with matric card ) - RM 17

It's a buffet concept restaurant. They not only offer steamboat and BBQ varieties, there are also mainstream food like fried rice, nasi lemak, mee goreng, mihun, et cetera. the most exciting part is that you can make your own ABC. You can put how much ingredients you wanted to

and of course, I made the best ABC in town. 

I suggest kalau u'ols nak pergi, pastikan perut betul betul lapar. 

OOTD lepas baliik

z roommmates 

bob u high


Add caption

wife material(?!)

hobby : sleep

Not to mention, the entire outfit masa balik tu memang bau asap, Even my rambut semua pun bau 

Okay, for the steamboat you can choose your flavour soup whther you wanted it a plain soup or tomyam. We chose 1 soup and 2 tomyams.

At the moments we all first had our seats, I started to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jimah, 


tHEY were too segan and humiliated by my song, 


you guys tak chill la haha.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

sexy so noks

Early this morning, my squad and I needed to go to UMP Pekan for our SoftSkill Intelligence Spiritual Talk. Just a 2-hour session of talking and teaching about what is IQ, EQ and IS. You know, usual softskill stuff.

The talk started in 8.30 am. It approximately took about 1 hour to go to UMP Pekan and we got ready very very early. Despite the fact I slept at 5, I still managed to woke up and get ready on time. But like always, I left behind because I need to refill my very very useful functional 'Sexy' (sexy is my bottle name. FYI, i named most of my things according to their appearances, how judgmental i am haha). My Sexy is very functional because it can content up to 1.5 liter of water compared to only 0.5 liter inside on Pinky (Pinky is my ex bottle. She missing in action. I did make a series of  search and rescue plan, but the odd is not in our favour. Since nowadays Malaysia is very very hot for the Ekuinoks, we, Malaysians need to drink a lot of water. I bring my sexy everywhere, Even to shopping malls! She's very functional because she's not only fed her beautiful cute owner, but also her monkey friends. I actually an official water sponsor to my friends. They are all very lazy to bring bottle everywhere. Balqis got a cutie Jinny (green tupperware I named Jinny), Balqis doesnt care if i want to borrow Jinny,but she will never bring it for herself. Very lazy meh.

I was behind Aiiman and Balqis for about 3 minutes. Salwa already took the car and fetch Haziq in front of KK2. She then asked us to wait in front of our hostel. I again, chose the wrong entrance zzz. While waiting for both Sal and Haziq we took OOTDs with a lot of typical poses. 

The original plan was that Salwa cannot drive in a long distance so thats why we brought along Haziq but then suddenly salwa wanted to drive.The journey went well. Like usual she drove a little fast. 


about 5 more minutes to reach UMP Pekan

the kancil in front us suddenly want to turn right without giving signal. An emergency break was hit. 

We were done, then only

the car behind us crash on us.

I was holding my Sexy, full with liquid. The impact made quarter of the liquid flew out from the bottle and wet the entire living mechanisms in the car. The most obvious one was Balqis, her entire tudung is splashed with water.

The inertia produced made us first jumped a little and then landing harder on back. 

Like always, Aiiman will non - stop with her nags as only her pain receptors working but not us. Like always also, no one gave a fuck because bigger thing to look forward.

The back bonnet dents. The infront bonnet of the causer dents harder. 

Both are rented car but our owner was salwa's close acquaintance unlike the other one was strict.


After finished with the talk, then only we discovered that the car unable to get started.

My friends and I vaining around under the sunlight, yeap I am frickin burnt!

from 1040 till 1400.


while waiting for a savior

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

rebel atomens

Creating memories is all we did since semester 0. 

So hello guys, welcome to next series of let's get rebel with Atomens. Atomens is our group whatsapp name which we named it for no any reliable reason. None of us are a big fan of ultraman but i honestly love how ultraman hands-cross to make light shoot. or whatever the name of his power.

The original plan was

 Go to kk3 cafe, print out some notes and 

a. searching for food around the cafe.
b. got to kk4 for tomyum scrumptious session.

then, the printer shop i usually went to close and the other stall cannot read my thumbdrive. 

While waiting for Salwa's dragon fruit juice which tasted nothing like dragon fruit but milky mango with dragon fruit sweet seeds, there came a crazy idea from of us. 

'jom g makan kfc'

After a few chitchats while waiting for the juice, then again every rebel decided a yes and started searching for kereta sewa. At first, i thought we're just going to take the bus to Taman Tas then little did i knew that they were targeting for a car. 

Majority wins. Hands down.

It was 9.00 pm. We went straight to the bus stop, just trying to figure out luck for bus, and walah the next bus approximately arrived on 2157, KFC Taman Tas is not a 24 hour. We kept searching for kereta sewa, finally at 9.38 pm, we got our kereta sewa.

And we rushed to KFC InderaMahkota, located 30 minutes away from UMP. 


an unplanned outing of us.

The dresscode : selekehness & selipar jepun.

Since it was unplanned, non of us allowed to change anything. All of us basically just wear a very selekeh cafe outfit. Everyone wore an outerwear and a sleeping shirt inside.

Here come the most bizarre best, Balqis wore a keduts tudung. 

# R A R E

On me: Bawal from pasar malam depan UMP (the khamis one) , RM 5. Jersey from home. Outerwear from 2011 vacation at a'famosa resort Malacca, i couldnt remember the exact price but i guess its a RM 10
Not seen. Chocolate wearable brown pallazo from mama's wardrobe and green & red slipper from Tesco, RM 4 (ON SALE)

guess who need to put A LOT of effort on taking self portrait, damn so uGly so bEttY

Arrived UMP at 12 am, need to climb the gate. MAGATS there are only one chair and I'm so bloody stuck on the gate. My buttock hurt so bad!

what a rebel we r guyss.

not to mention we got 8 am class next morning kuikuikui.

ciao <3

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Let's choose to ignore!

Insecurities. Girls are very insecure, it's like a girl-nature to get insecured in almost everything. My insecurities lead to a series of linked mental-health problems. You know, anxious & bipolar-disorder. My insecurities is resulted on over-jealousy and over-thinking. I overthink, most of the time. I always wanted to be the best, I want no people beat me in my major. I want to be the best, the only best, the most special human creature every one ever met. I try hard to be that girl. I hate mainstream, except for One Direction. They are the only mainstream I love and honestly there's time I want to not love /like them but I can't. I hate trends because they are mainstream. I don't do ig because well yes

1. I insecure.

2. I don't have a real amazing life to share.

3. I hate mainstream.

4. I hate competition.

This wild guess and the tendency of this guess to be true is about 99.97% to be true, probably the reason why I don't commit in any relationship is because of this negative trait of mine. I am a jealous girl. And insecure. And overthinking. Somehow, I chose to ignore all that and focus more on being a better version of myself cuz if i keep thinking aboot it i'm going to be terribly sad and my bipolar will strike all over again, that's sucks dude! I'm up to no kidding!

Yes, a healthy relationship requires all these all plus and minus. If jealousy is conveyed as love than how about open-mindedness? Less love? and What about over-jealous-towards-every-single-thing-and-every-girl-wants-my-bf?  Over love? Too love? heh. for me it's just a sign of an unstable mind.

Doesn't make any sense!

On the other hand, I myself have to think from another side of the coin. Everyone fights a battle we having no idea about.


I was hired as an actress!

for one of my classmate project.

But nahh, I wasn't born as an actress (well not for an unpopular school project, I was born for Hollywood! ha ha ha). I unmanaged to deliver the simplest lines and laughed all way long. Ah Gawd, he recorded it all my stupid laughs! Bij, don't hit the play and please delete my role! I'm afraid he's going to use it against me to blackmail me when i one day becoming famous.

It's a wrap! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

towards an engineer material

Supposed to be seating for 2 quizzes today, but Chemistry quiz got cancelled. Walah. Means more time to study Chemistry especially Alkene, I just started with the introduction part. There much much more on on physical properties, naming it, cis trans, e z nomenclature, preparations, substitutions and others more. I incapable of covering the Alkene because I was paying attention on Material & Energy Balance (MEB). Even there are only 2 questions, open booked, 50 minutes BUT I swear it's not easy! Killer subject I guess.

I hope I don't bore you with my engineering stuff, because as for what I'm thinking this is one of the ways for me plant the engineering spirit in me which I lacked most, for an engineering student. LOL. I'm mentioning engineering quite so much.

You know what, I read fiction, particularly chick-flick. I love words. I love flowery words, idioms, metaphors and almost every literature language. But in engineering, the shorter and straight to the point without idioms and simile, the more engineering material you are. Which in this case, I'm having most issue with. As I oathed myself that I will try hard to be apart of engineering family, I came out with several ideas on becoming 'engineer material'.

1. I should will stop reading fictions. lol. i should stop reading chick-flick-too-good-to-be-true tales. So, byebye Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk & my fav character, Rebecca Bloomwood.

2. I will read more science fictions.

3. I will get involved in intergalactic adventures; Star Wars, Star Trek, you named it.

4. I will wear less pink <-- irrelevant cuz I'm not a p!nKy guRl

5. Try to be less feminine.

6. Here come the best idea, instead of reading chick-flick, i replaced it with reading thesis. zzzz

7. Do more maths.

8. Be a geek.

9. Write a blog post like an engineer. Straight to the points, state issue, explain problems, come out suggestions, do calculations, conclude, no feelings, robotic, perfectionist, plain, boring, dull, not cheeky.


Thats it.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

a coward b

Consistency. There's time when I actually can read, study, doing sudoku, watching TBBT and write a post. But, I'm afraid whether can I do the same exact things tomorrow for the sake of consistency. I am a very dependable to an emotion or uncatogarized thing called 'mood' and voluntary. I hate to do things I don't want to do, things I don't give a fuck on, et cetera.


Life is not always going the way you wanted it to be. Plans are somehow just a plain written words on a piece of paper; no any specific meanings, no longer a guide towards a dreamy life. Some circumstances left us no choice except for just go through it.

I actually don't really know what's wrong with me. Me and my engineering course story is like in an endless tale of love-hate relationship. Whenever I faced hardships in studies, I blamed engineering. Whenever I met an un-nice human, I blamed engineering. Whenever I found myself problems ; I blamed you-know-what. It's sometimes not even related to you-know-what.

The first place I took this course is because I think in future I will not regret. It's once a lifetime offer and both my mom and dad were over the moon the day of my UPU result came out. Unable to make them disappointed, I grab this chance. Oh for my goodness sake, am I blaming my parents?

See how coward this B.

May one day, I got back what I missed.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

my ideal kind of date

You guys knew it that I've been struggle with weight issue since I was 10. Before that I had no problems relating with weight issue.

As time pass by, it's really in my mind due to the myth of fiction stories that I will be automatically slim when I grow up.

Supposed, the biggest lie any mankind could ever get,

Worse, I'm getting fatter and fatter.

thank you everyone for the hope without effort @>


Let's get to the main purpose...

My ideal kind of date.

I think it's really cute if one really can accept me for who I really am, this flawful fat B and together we work together for the ideal body.

Only, if that kind of human still exist.

It is so cute!

Imagine your partner accompanied you around & give you the spirit you need.

I really in love with that talking-about-life walk, get to know each other well in an actual meeting, face to face, not just in internet. I don't like that kind of process. Unreal.

But nahh, boys only want you when you are pretty and thin, nothing matters than that.

That's how world works.

Am i right?


Yesterday, my girls and i did some jog session..

cuz balbal got a beep test this upcoming week i guess.

I still wondering why the hell balqis ate nasi lemak at 4.45 pm when she promised herself to jog at 5.30pm. I"VE WARNED HER TO NOT TO but she's bloody hungry and wanted to diet and don't want to eat after 7 pm.

She can't exceed well the jog session BC she's semput and felt like throwing up,

Sharifah Nuraina Syed Nahar has warned you.

the amah that holding our belongings cuz she's not jogging but ended up drank our h20.
potong gaji


the struggle is real

'bobby junior' - amah, 2015

library freak

i am now officially a nerd!

another kk4 en route

going to kk4 is no longer a special treat

cuz we've been there almost every day.


so here's just another photo day of kk4 journey

which on this trip, i lost my anak tudung zzz

what a sloppy b

didnt wear contacts and just smile helplessly

kala malam bulan mengambang (perhaps)


my antique iphone 4 can still be reliable; LOOK ITS A DECENT PICTUREE

CELPIE perasan

i dont have much sal's photo

movie date at its finest

yknow, theres day when aiiman i desperately need to spend money for nothing.

nahh nothing i meant to movie!!

just both of us!

i kinda have to admit victor frankenstein is a good movie

4.5/5 stars

the batak toiket selfie


hello bijaz out theree

Sunday, December 6, 2015

starving b

5th December 2015

Mission of the day, spend nothing to food.

because only 1 buck left in my purse ha ha ha.

I succeed the mission....

until 11.30 pm, I went to Aiiman's room and constantly nagging over my concert stomach.

12.00 am 6th December 2015

I found myself and Aiiman were heading to KK4 for a meal.

from left; aiiman punya, aiiman punya, tak tahu siapa punya

hutties aiiman

derp me

After several hours of chatting and me constantly being a clown and such a bimbo (no intention), then we went back to our KK3. It's such a great night, i supposed cuz i've been dying to talk to strangers this last couple of days. Well, I like making new friends so that I can reused my same old sick jokes. 

And somehow they laughed, perhaps as a respect. 

Then we bumped into some other classmates, and I was so afraid this particular person. zzzz

Last time i met him for a project, it's already 10 pm and i claimed it's too late. Then this particular person said it's still early but of coz for girls, it's late.

And a week later,

he found me in the  midst of giggling and laughing at 2 FREAKING AM.


Regrets of the day :

1. why the hell am i GOING TO kk4 for unscrumptious kotiaw kong fu

2. bobby why u bimbo

3. bobby y u bimbo 2.0

starving b

Saturday, December 5, 2015

locked away (for real)

I used to be the star of computer/ technology.

Once ago.

But only between my family members.

There's an IT class when i was in form 1, that I constantly absence because I'm lazy & there's plenty of time I asked my friends to sign for my name, even I signed our names for the later weeks. So, this kind of irresponsible habit of mine of not attending class but the presence is in data had been exist since I was 13. But, honestly I didn't apply it in University.

Semester 1 of my diploma, computer lesson is a compulsary, with 4 credit hours. The most credit hours. I can almost swear that this is so boring and tiring and no fun at all and i hate IT.

I'm such a douchebag in the class all the time.

Yesterday, Aiiman and I went to the lab to finish our assignment 4 that was autocad based. We didn't have the software and the installation took hours.

1st session

10.10 am - 11.00 am

don't know what to do all the time, thank God, Haziemah & Umi were there to help us.

Then we were kicked out from the lab cuz there's an official class there.

I saved my work but Aiiman's not because she's too shy. IDK why, chill sis,


the second session supposed to start at 1 pm, but both of us terlajak tidur.


2nd Session

5.15 pm - 6.25 pm

with aiiman and birthday girl, Syafiqah.

- syafiqah's PC suddenly blacked out, miracle happened and it turned out normal

- aiiman forgot her email's password

- the main gate was locked, asked a gentle arab man to help us



Then, found our way to library for chem's book & straight to KK4 for tomyam-treat!


while waiting for kekman to settle her autocad

sayang <3

us ft chem book

Friday, December 4, 2015

intention first

Since I've entered university, i realized that i didnt perform well. It's so hard for me to understand what's lecturers were talking about all the time, i tend to catch myself lost in class; all the time.

Few rewinds, i think i know the cause of all this.


I pursued Chemical Engineering because of the myth that chemical engineer is going to earn well. From that day, my one and only thing that push behind me was money and wealthy, not the knowledge that I rush for, &sadly not for Allah.

Rezeki Allah di mana mana.

& i only chase for money.

All i need to do right now is to change my intention; to learn because of Allah, not blatantly for money.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

lesbian b

i changed my dp ws with aiiman's almost 100% zoomed in photo. Nina , my sister suddenly ws-ed asking whos on my icon, she thought aiiman is my girlfriend.

dear my beautiful sister,

i, your biological sister perhaps doesn't has any boyfriend at this time being and once ago she was a brutally brutal & tomboy &unself conscious, but she is never wanted or ever a lesbian. please have a little faith in her.

yr straight sister,

p/s : i only nganjing with aiiman, don't take it seriously xx

plus if only i'm a lesbian, 


i am no janji melayu

skyrocketed to ECM yesterday because Balqis desperately needed a new pair of sport shoe for her upcoming Lawn Bowl's tournament. She bought a Roshe the other day , then she figured out that one of her teammates had the same exact piece as she is. Then she said she needed to buy a new one.

so anakku sazali!

Salwa, our usual driver couldn't make it yesterday, so aiiman needed to find for another driver cuz none of trio of us could drive ha ha ha. Nik drove pretty fast but in a good manner cuz i'm not afraid. Aiiman be like , CAN YOU SLOW DOWN THE CARRR! haha

i actually both of them (nik & fit) some muffins but forgot to give them, then i ate it all , all by myself.

Bobby being Bobby, got vanished all the time, strayed all over ecm. nik be like "jaga bobby, jangan bagi dia hilang'

aiiman & bal both waiting on line for kfc, i asked politely onto my only desire to go to daiso, they wont allow me to so i left them behind and found for my own happiness. Got into almost every shop on that floor with such an ecstatic look, i somehow heard to laughing sound from the other side. little did i knew that both of nik & fit were staring at me whilst i was walking all alone. 

'bobby hilang lettew, tu jalan sensorang'


finally, both of them ended up late. THANK GOD!

#00Td 1

 Since I am now in the process of being a 'blogger', I wanted to blog everyday even when I have nothing to say.

but heyyy, i feel pretty good today with my new men's sweater I bought yesterday. You know, I've been dying for grey coloured long sleeve since forever, and finally found this good piece at a very very reasonable price.

with the most beautiful washroom (aiiman) in UMP 

my gatal face and i are inseparatable
Do i have something to say? okay perhaps it's a no! bye girls xx

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

unpaid cameo

Again, an upsetting Test marks. 9/30. SO bad, so sad.

2. been sitting for chem quiz which my friends and i already knew the questions, with the help of some other guys but dangg, still cannot manage to answer it well.

3. asked mama on the approval of monthly allowance, it's such a good response from momma. xx

4. should obviously started #roadtofinal. in less than a month yawwwwwww.

5. got 53 comments on a single piece of essay because my group and i sent the un-altered one. the lecturer seems pretty upset with us especially me because i could tell that she sees potential in me :(

6. my video titas is finally done!! by ikhmal ha ha ha & i looked pretty pious but dangg in aiiman's group vidoe, i made a (stupid) cameo appearance by playing a batu seremban with my own style which is batu ketam & batu keretapi. GUYYSS WHY YOU TERGAMAK MAKE ME LIKE THIS.