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Friday, March 25, 2016

Jimah's birthday celebration

Last Thursday was Haziemah's 19th birthday. Haziemah is my classmate, someone I quite closed with. I sometimes hang out at her place. She's extremely nice! She loved to call me poyo. All times... sometimes for no reasons, she would suddenly

'poyo lah bobby ni.'

And i would respond like

'hmm poyo ke?' - sad face

then she afraid that i terasa

'eh manada, kita main main je.'

This endless loop of she calling me poyo and i bajet terasa memamg sampai bila bila tak habis. If she reall think that i terasa, oh bruhh, this heart was made of steel. (krkrkr) ((made of steel ke))

After all, she's very nice. Haziemah very rapat with her roommate and also her bestfriend, Umi. Umi is so funny. Not like me-try-hard-funny. Umi is just naturally funny. Couldn't recall any example to visualize her type of funny but seriously, if you hang out with them, you would lose your mind. Okay, not that dramatic.

Nak dijadikan cerita, in order to celebrate Haziemah's birthday, we went dinner at steamboat.

Aniq steamboat's if i'm not mistaken.

Located near the heart of Pahang, Kuantan. This place very popular. 

Adults - RM 19
Student (with matric card ) - RM 17

It's a buffet concept restaurant. They not only offer steamboat and BBQ varieties, there are also mainstream food like fried rice, nasi lemak, mee goreng, mihun, et cetera. the most exciting part is that you can make your own ABC. You can put how much ingredients you wanted to

and of course, I made the best ABC in town. 

I suggest kalau u'ols nak pergi, pastikan perut betul betul lapar. 

OOTD lepas baliik

z roommmates 

bob u high


Add caption

wife material(?!)

hobby : sleep

Not to mention, the entire outfit masa balik tu memang bau asap, Even my rambut semua pun bau 

Okay, for the steamboat you can choose your flavour soup whther you wanted it a plain soup or tomyam. We chose 1 soup and 2 tomyams.

At the moments we all first had our seats, I started to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jimah, 


tHEY were too segan and humiliated by my song, 


you guys tak chill la haha.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


If I'm not mistaken, this is my fifth blog. I started blogging when I was 11 and what I can say is all the posts were totally crap. Dengan rempitnya, dengan point yang sangat la entah apa apa dengan cara penulisannya, pergh memang lawak la. Kalau baca tu memang boleh gelak terguling. Tapi blog tu dah delete sebab nak cover malu punya pasal.

But now rasa tersangat lah menyesal dan rugi, kenapa la pergi delete blog tu. Mungkin masa tu dah malu sangat kot tengok kelawakan zaman sekolah rendah dulu. Kalau la tak delete kan bagus, boleh tengok kepelikan zaman dulu dulu. Zaman muda orang kata. 

Semalam 'terstalk' one girl ni  punya blog, then tengok la post yang lama lama dulu tu , memang beza gila dengan sekarang. Sekarang grammar semua proper sangat, dulu dengan bahasa rempitnya, dengan grammar sucks bagai. Zaman blogger tengah glamour dulu, tersedak air pun nak dijadikan post. 

Its okay la because we learn from mistakes kan?! Kalau tak buat semua kesalahan bodoh tu kita takkan pernah rasa jadi bodoh dan tak kan ada pengalaman yang pelik pelik yang boleh kita ingat. Tapi sebab dah delete posts lama lama tu rasa macam dah delete evidence hidup.