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Friday, March 25, 2016

Jimah's birthday celebration

Last Thursday was Haziemah's 19th birthday. Haziemah is my classmate, someone I quite closed with. I sometimes hang out at her place. She's extremely nice! She loved to call me poyo. All times... sometimes for no reasons, she would suddenly

'poyo lah bobby ni.'

And i would respond like

'hmm poyo ke?' - sad face

then she afraid that i terasa

'eh manada, kita main main je.'

This endless loop of she calling me poyo and i bajet terasa memamg sampai bila bila tak habis. If she reall think that i terasa, oh bruhh, this heart was made of steel. (krkrkr) ((made of steel ke))

After all, she's very nice. Haziemah very rapat with her roommate and also her bestfriend, Umi. Umi is so funny. Not like me-try-hard-funny. Umi is just naturally funny. Couldn't recall any example to visualize her type of funny but seriously, if you hang out with them, you would lose your mind. Okay, not that dramatic.

Nak dijadikan cerita, in order to celebrate Haziemah's birthday, we went dinner at steamboat.

Aniq steamboat's if i'm not mistaken.

Located near the heart of Pahang, Kuantan. This place very popular. 

Adults - RM 19
Student (with matric card ) - RM 17

It's a buffet concept restaurant. They not only offer steamboat and BBQ varieties, there are also mainstream food like fried rice, nasi lemak, mee goreng, mihun, et cetera. the most exciting part is that you can make your own ABC. You can put how much ingredients you wanted to

and of course, I made the best ABC in town. 

I suggest kalau u'ols nak pergi, pastikan perut betul betul lapar. 

OOTD lepas baliik

z roommmates 

bob u high


Add caption

wife material(?!)

hobby : sleep

Not to mention, the entire outfit masa balik tu memang bau asap, Even my rambut semua pun bau 

Okay, for the steamboat you can choose your flavour soup whther you wanted it a plain soup or tomyam. We chose 1 soup and 2 tomyams.

At the moments we all first had our seats, I started to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jimah, 


tHEY were too segan and humiliated by my song, 


you guys tak chill la haha.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

rebel atomens

Creating memories is all we did since semester 0. 

So hello guys, welcome to next series of let's get rebel with Atomens. Atomens is our group whatsapp name which we named it for no any reliable reason. None of us are a big fan of ultraman but i honestly love how ultraman hands-cross to make light shoot. or whatever the name of his power.

The original plan was

 Go to kk3 cafe, print out some notes and 

a. searching for food around the cafe.
b. got to kk4 for tomyum scrumptious session.

then, the printer shop i usually went to close and the other stall cannot read my thumbdrive. 

While waiting for Salwa's dragon fruit juice which tasted nothing like dragon fruit but milky mango with dragon fruit sweet seeds, there came a crazy idea from of us. 

'jom g makan kfc'

After a few chitchats while waiting for the juice, then again every rebel decided a yes and started searching for kereta sewa. At first, i thought we're just going to take the bus to Taman Tas then little did i knew that they were targeting for a car. 

Majority wins. Hands down.

It was 9.00 pm. We went straight to the bus stop, just trying to figure out luck for bus, and walah the next bus approximately arrived on 2157, KFC Taman Tas is not a 24 hour. We kept searching for kereta sewa, finally at 9.38 pm, we got our kereta sewa.

And we rushed to KFC InderaMahkota, located 30 minutes away from UMP. 


an unplanned outing of us.

The dresscode : selekehness & selipar jepun.

Since it was unplanned, non of us allowed to change anything. All of us basically just wear a very selekeh cafe outfit. Everyone wore an outerwear and a sleeping shirt inside.

Here come the most bizarre best, Balqis wore a keduts tudung. 

# R A R E

On me: Bawal from pasar malam depan UMP (the khamis one) , RM 5. Jersey from home. Outerwear from 2011 vacation at a'famosa resort Malacca, i couldnt remember the exact price but i guess its a RM 10
Not seen. Chocolate wearable brown pallazo from mama's wardrobe and green & red slipper from Tesco, RM 4 (ON SALE)

guess who need to put A LOT of effort on taking self portrait, damn so uGly so bEttY

Arrived UMP at 12 am, need to climb the gate. MAGATS there are only one chair and I'm so bloody stuck on the gate. My buttock hurt so bad!

what a rebel we r guyss.

not to mention we got 8 am class next morning kuikuikui.

ciao <3

Saturday, November 22, 2014

am i a directioner or am i a directioner not ?!

I swear Night Changes by One Direction is the best music video my eyes ever witnessed on. OMG I AM TURNING INTO A TOTAL DIRECTIONER I MEAN LIKE THE REAL DIRECTIONER who willing to quarrel with others just to stand up with the fact that One Direction is the best boyband ever, produced good music, the members are talented - regardless the fact some people said that they are just 5 good looking lads with zero talent. THEY REALLY CAN SING.

Omg someone is really has something to do with fangirling and one direction.

I cannot brain this.

I cannot believe what i was doing. I watched Night Changes repeatedly!!! 

After watching that video, i felt like i really  dating one direction. awwhhh.

One Direction started being really famous in my country on about late 2011. I was 14 and i never understand why people (girlsss) really like them. As for me they are just an ordinary boyband - until i myself be one of them. Kahkahkah.

But nahh, no one knows.


Well i am always be the most outdated one. People start fangirling over one direction since 2011 and honestly i be like a ''real'' directioner this year. Ameera introduced me on 2012, but those time i didnt owe any smart phones or tabs, i depend solely on laptop to watch youtube which was pretty complicated and took a lot of time. That time, my time is the real gold, i dont mind about what happened around the world, i have books and pmr to deal with. How nice were i back then. Would be nicer if i practise it along my spm year. Ahh whatever, past is past. 

On 2013, ameera went to boarding school. One thing i said to her that i will miss her when she's not around was WHO WANTS TO FANGIRLING OVER ONE D WITH ME ANYMOREEEE. Ameera responsible for turning an innocent me (you can throw up) into a satan. Lol jk. Ameera took the responsible for turning me into a directionerrr. But during 2013, i was just  a normal girl with a little interest upon one direction. I was just a fan of their songs. But not chronic yet because ameera wasnt around and no one took her part. Then i introduced one direction to izz. Forced her to listen to every single one direction song. I just introduced, she did her job well by keep listening to them.

I still remember last year, izz and i sat at the corner of the class karaoke one d songs while did add maths work. I miss that. And our fav songs are taken and moments. Sometimes i brought my phone and subscribed the daily internet ((that time i didnt know the wifi's pw)), opened youtube and sing along. I miss that a lot. 


Suddenly both izz and i are overly attached to one d. But neither of us admit it. The best part about being directioner this year was the day fireproof released. I have no idea why i like that song so much. 

but still, night changes mv is the best mv everrrrrr. 

Oh yeah, and i still remember last week izz and i were having like a pouring heart session- about one direction. Well we did it quite a numerous of times lately (lol as long as i remember was only twice). Wahh i never thought one direction is going to be the only reason i talk to someone. Kahkahkah. People change, remember? Just like the night changes. Cehh.

And i responsible for turning innocent izz (?!) into a bad ass directioner. Lol. 

Wait, izz are you a directioner?! 

Whatever, you are still a directioner to me.

Oh and Izz got PLKN. Cant reach her for about 3 freaking months. WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?! WHO WANTS TO LISTEN TO MY WORDS ANYMORE REGARDING how perfect one Direction is, how good their musics are and how jaw dropping their faces are?! Who? Tell me who?

I dont think ameera is still a directioner, shes more like a belieber- her boarding school friends influenced her. Hahaha

Is this a joke but why all my directioner friends have to leave me?


One Direction spoils me really well. They made me feel like i am beautiful even when i am not. I am very happy for their songs, i feel like they are talking to me. I feel like they know me. They boost my self-confidence to the level i dont mind going out with wet hair- very sloppy. 

They made me leave my books, for instance now. I was studying chemistry but then they knocked my memory and made me watch Night Changes mv. And yeah , i couldnt stop hitting the replay button and whatsapped izz non stop- i know she already hit the sack. I wanted her day tomorrow starts with one direction. Ha ha ha

But then zayn quoted that , "intelligence is sexy." So i have no choice except for burning the midnight oil and avoid study at eleventh hour. Plus promised myself to break a leg for spm (is this idiom contest) ((because zayn likes intelligent person, but for sure i'm not studying because of Zayn. zayn is only a contemporary interest while education is future)).

Thats all for now.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Makan with 4 Kreatif :)

Date : 25th July 2013 (16th Ramadhan)
Time : Around 6.30 pm to 8.40 pm
Place : Horizon Garden, Sri Bangi 
Description : Buka puasa (iftar?!)

Aqilah , Aina Hani & waiter

Husna and Fatin

Zafirah. She looks like Tiz Zaqyah.

Me and Izz 

Muka excited nak makan !

Well, macam biasa la kan!

hehe :)


Ain looks so cayyute!


Fatin yang comel

Our special guest, Afiq Muslim! (inspired by Ashraf Muslim)

Happy moments!

Lovely girls x

from left : ameerul , afiq and azrul!

Place: Tutti Fruitti , Bangi
Time : 8:40pm until 9.30pm
Description : Dessert time plus lepaks

Had a really good time with them!