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Sunday, March 20, 2016

sexy so noks

Early this morning, my squad and I needed to go to UMP Pekan for our SoftSkill Intelligence Spiritual Talk. Just a 2-hour session of talking and teaching about what is IQ, EQ and IS. You know, usual softskill stuff.

The talk started in 8.30 am. It approximately took about 1 hour to go to UMP Pekan and we got ready very very early. Despite the fact I slept at 5, I still managed to woke up and get ready on time. But like always, I left behind because I need to refill my very very useful functional 'Sexy' (sexy is my bottle name. FYI, i named most of my things according to their appearances, how judgmental i am haha). My Sexy is very functional because it can content up to 1.5 liter of water compared to only 0.5 liter inside on Pinky (Pinky is my ex bottle. She missing in action. I did make a series of  search and rescue plan, but the odd is not in our favour. Since nowadays Malaysia is very very hot for the Ekuinoks, we, Malaysians need to drink a lot of water. I bring my sexy everywhere, Even to shopping malls! She's very functional because she's not only fed her beautiful cute owner, but also her monkey friends. I actually an official water sponsor to my friends. They are all very lazy to bring bottle everywhere. Balqis got a cutie Jinny (green tupperware I named Jinny), Balqis doesnt care if i want to borrow Jinny,but she will never bring it for herself. Very lazy meh.

I was behind Aiiman and Balqis for about 3 minutes. Salwa already took the car and fetch Haziq in front of KK2. She then asked us to wait in front of our hostel. I again, chose the wrong entrance zzz. While waiting for both Sal and Haziq we took OOTDs with a lot of typical poses. 

The original plan was that Salwa cannot drive in a long distance so thats why we brought along Haziq but then suddenly salwa wanted to drive.The journey went well. Like usual she drove a little fast. 


about 5 more minutes to reach UMP Pekan

the kancil in front us suddenly want to turn right without giving signal. An emergency break was hit. 

We were done, then only

the car behind us crash on us.

I was holding my Sexy, full with liquid. The impact made quarter of the liquid flew out from the bottle and wet the entire living mechanisms in the car. The most obvious one was Balqis, her entire tudung is splashed with water.

The inertia produced made us first jumped a little and then landing harder on back. 

Like always, Aiiman will non - stop with her nags as only her pain receptors working but not us. Like always also, no one gave a fuck because bigger thing to look forward.

The back bonnet dents. The infront bonnet of the causer dents harder. 

Both are rented car but our owner was salwa's close acquaintance unlike the other one was strict.


After finished with the talk, then only we discovered that the car unable to get started.

My friends and I vaining around under the sunlight, yeap I am frickin burnt!

from 1040 till 1400.


while waiting for a savior

Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 2 : Wake me up!

Told Ameera that I am feeling demotivated and feeling like give up life. I am feeling incomplete, my chest feel narrowed.

Then she gave me this picture and ask whether did i feel anything after seeing this picture.


It's a nature to feel incomplete, desire to want more and feeling never enough.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mockinjay and one ringgit

Its been awhile since the last movie night. I pretend this movie night as a pre-celebration for spm. Chillax only two days left until i can verily celebrate the day. Huahuahua. Hey world im a grown up girl, dont mess with me anymore. I'm no longer a kid.

The movie i watched tonight was the hunger games: mockingjay part 1. I did watch the two previous series which are the hunger games and catching fire. But i didnt finish catching fire because i had some chores to do; house chores zz. Ruefully my brother didnt record that movie and in the meantime i lost the cd my sister bought few months ago. 

And today i watched the consequence of catching fire. Honestly i didnt understand that movie well. My mom wasnt a fan of sci-fic related movie so she dissed the movie but she didnt sleep in the cinema - like i did. Wahaha its crystal clear that i slept in the cinema AGAIN today. Wahaha embarassing! What a waste. I'm pretty sure no one wants to bring me to cinema anymore. I always sleep in the cinema. I mean who can resist such a cozy and dark place like that. I usually go for a movie after lunch or dinner; happy tummy + the coziness of cinema + the sound of movie = too perfect to sleep. I didnt have any problems with noisiness, despite the fact that i am a heavy sleeper, i also can easily fall asleep in a chaotic place. I also easily fall asleep infront of tv instead of in my bed. Kahkahkah.

And i slept again while watching mockingjay. 

Too lazy to edit

Our show was at 9.40 pm. We reached aeon CS at around 9.00pm. Then had our dinner at KRR.


The only sibling left hehe

Momma hates camera

You-can-throw-up-now kind of selfie

Anyone needs model for an xxl sized apparel. Do contact me.

Shawl : my sister's
Top: FOS
Cardigan: carnival at malacca, 10 buckssssss onlyy
Watch : an abandon watch in my house, found it when i was cleaning up the room. It didnt even ticking.
Bag: Nichii
Blue jeans: sogo (dont know the brand)((too lazy to take a look))

After the movie, i went to the autopay machine to pay for the parking. I brought a ringgit because the first hour no payment needed, after first hour , you have to pay the parking. Easy man, just a dollar no matter how long you park your vehicle. My aeon card was sick. So i had no choice except for pay using real money ((do fake money exist?! Haha)). 

The chinese girl infront of me only brought a piece of red RM 10 note and two pieces of green RM 5 notes. I was ecstatic because my sister once paid with RM5 note and the due balance was returned in coins. I love coinss. 

The girl infront of me firstly put the green note then rejected, after that she tried her red note, also rejected, then she inserted the another green note, the machine didnt accept her note. I only bring one blue RM1 note which i am very sure the machine will accept my blue note undoubtly. Then i told her that i think the machine didnt accept any notes except for blue ones. To help her, i hurriedly walk fast to my car and asked mom for a ringgit, the new one ringgit note and fed the machine. Holy crap it didnt receive any new one ringgit note. At last i put my first one ringgit into the machine. And tadaahh, finally the machine being tame. The girl, lol not really girl, more like lady around early 20s thanked me. 

Its my turn to pay the parking fare. I tried all my new one ringgit into that machine, obviously it rejected every note i inserted. Kahkahkah. Then i asked mom for some coins, haiyaa the coins section was blocked. After around 3 minutes, my mom finally found an old one ringgit. And tadaa i save! 

So today i finally helped people in need. I am so happy. I'm not intended to show off upon this very small help i gave to other, i just wanted to share to my blog.
Regarding how significant i felt right now. Finally, i saved a stranger from stuck in aeonz. Ha ha ha. Lol.

This maybe look very small. A ringgit today seems valueless, i mean, what can you get within just a ringgit. Back then when i was 7, my sister, neighbours and i will go to each house with the ticket of 'beraya' whilst everyone knew our prime intention was collecting duit raya. The standard amount people would give was 50cent, so when certain house we attended gave us a ringgit, we would be extremely happy. Sometimes, some big hearted people gave us 2 ringgit and we automatically labelled them as rich and nice.

But nowadays, when my brother came home after beraya to strangers' house who gave him a ringgit, he would nag and unhappy.

"Eleh seringgit je, kedekot."

One ringgit means nothing to him, and also to most of his peers.

But still, one ringgit today can still save you from not stucking whole night at the aeon car park.

Thats all for now.