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Friday, March 25, 2016

Jimah's birthday celebration

Last Thursday was Haziemah's 19th birthday. Haziemah is my classmate, someone I quite closed with. I sometimes hang out at her place. She's extremely nice! She loved to call me poyo. All times... sometimes for no reasons, she would suddenly

'poyo lah bobby ni.'

And i would respond like

'hmm poyo ke?' - sad face

then she afraid that i terasa

'eh manada, kita main main je.'

This endless loop of she calling me poyo and i bajet terasa memamg sampai bila bila tak habis. If she reall think that i terasa, oh bruhh, this heart was made of steel. (krkrkr) ((made of steel ke))

After all, she's very nice. Haziemah very rapat with her roommate and also her bestfriend, Umi. Umi is so funny. Not like me-try-hard-funny. Umi is just naturally funny. Couldn't recall any example to visualize her type of funny but seriously, if you hang out with them, you would lose your mind. Okay, not that dramatic.

Nak dijadikan cerita, in order to celebrate Haziemah's birthday, we went dinner at steamboat.

Aniq steamboat's if i'm not mistaken.

Located near the heart of Pahang, Kuantan. This place very popular. 

Adults - RM 19
Student (with matric card ) - RM 17

It's a buffet concept restaurant. They not only offer steamboat and BBQ varieties, there are also mainstream food like fried rice, nasi lemak, mee goreng, mihun, et cetera. the most exciting part is that you can make your own ABC. You can put how much ingredients you wanted to

and of course, I made the best ABC in town. 

I suggest kalau u'ols nak pergi, pastikan perut betul betul lapar. 

OOTD lepas baliik

z roommmates 

bob u high


Add caption

wife material(?!)

hobby : sleep

Not to mention, the entire outfit masa balik tu memang bau asap, Even my rambut semua pun bau 

Okay, for the steamboat you can choose your flavour soup whther you wanted it a plain soup or tomyam. We chose 1 soup and 2 tomyams.

At the moments we all first had our seats, I started to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jimah, 


tHEY were too segan and humiliated by my song, 


you guys tak chill la haha.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

sexy so noks

Early this morning, my squad and I needed to go to UMP Pekan for our SoftSkill Intelligence Spiritual Talk. Just a 2-hour session of talking and teaching about what is IQ, EQ and IS. You know, usual softskill stuff.

The talk started in 8.30 am. It approximately took about 1 hour to go to UMP Pekan and we got ready very very early. Despite the fact I slept at 5, I still managed to woke up and get ready on time. But like always, I left behind because I need to refill my very very useful functional 'Sexy' (sexy is my bottle name. FYI, i named most of my things according to their appearances, how judgmental i am haha). My Sexy is very functional because it can content up to 1.5 liter of water compared to only 0.5 liter inside on Pinky (Pinky is my ex bottle. She missing in action. I did make a series of  search and rescue plan, but the odd is not in our favour. Since nowadays Malaysia is very very hot for the Ekuinoks, we, Malaysians need to drink a lot of water. I bring my sexy everywhere, Even to shopping malls! She's very functional because she's not only fed her beautiful cute owner, but also her monkey friends. I actually an official water sponsor to my friends. They are all very lazy to bring bottle everywhere. Balqis got a cutie Jinny (green tupperware I named Jinny), Balqis doesnt care if i want to borrow Jinny,but she will never bring it for herself. Very lazy meh.

I was behind Aiiman and Balqis for about 3 minutes. Salwa already took the car and fetch Haziq in front of KK2. She then asked us to wait in front of our hostel. I again, chose the wrong entrance zzz. While waiting for both Sal and Haziq we took OOTDs with a lot of typical poses. 

The original plan was that Salwa cannot drive in a long distance so thats why we brought along Haziq but then suddenly salwa wanted to drive.The journey went well. Like usual she drove a little fast. 


about 5 more minutes to reach UMP Pekan

the kancil in front us suddenly want to turn right without giving signal. An emergency break was hit. 

We were done, then only

the car behind us crash on us.

I was holding my Sexy, full with liquid. The impact made quarter of the liquid flew out from the bottle and wet the entire living mechanisms in the car. The most obvious one was Balqis, her entire tudung is splashed with water.

The inertia produced made us first jumped a little and then landing harder on back. 

Like always, Aiiman will non - stop with her nags as only her pain receptors working but not us. Like always also, no one gave a fuck because bigger thing to look forward.

The back bonnet dents. The infront bonnet of the causer dents harder. 

Both are rented car but our owner was salwa's close acquaintance unlike the other one was strict.


After finished with the talk, then only we discovered that the car unable to get started.

My friends and I vaining around under the sunlight, yeap I am frickin burnt!

from 1040 till 1400.


while waiting for a savior

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

rebel atomens

Creating memories is all we did since semester 0. 

So hello guys, welcome to next series of let's get rebel with Atomens. Atomens is our group whatsapp name which we named it for no any reliable reason. None of us are a big fan of ultraman but i honestly love how ultraman hands-cross to make light shoot. or whatever the name of his power.

The original plan was

 Go to kk3 cafe, print out some notes and 

a. searching for food around the cafe.
b. got to kk4 for tomyum scrumptious session.

then, the printer shop i usually went to close and the other stall cannot read my thumbdrive. 

While waiting for Salwa's dragon fruit juice which tasted nothing like dragon fruit but milky mango with dragon fruit sweet seeds, there came a crazy idea from of us. 

'jom g makan kfc'

After a few chitchats while waiting for the juice, then again every rebel decided a yes and started searching for kereta sewa. At first, i thought we're just going to take the bus to Taman Tas then little did i knew that they were targeting for a car. 

Majority wins. Hands down.

It was 9.00 pm. We went straight to the bus stop, just trying to figure out luck for bus, and walah the next bus approximately arrived on 2157, KFC Taman Tas is not a 24 hour. We kept searching for kereta sewa, finally at 9.38 pm, we got our kereta sewa.

And we rushed to KFC InderaMahkota, located 30 minutes away from UMP. 


an unplanned outing of us.

The dresscode : selekehness & selipar jepun.

Since it was unplanned, non of us allowed to change anything. All of us basically just wear a very selekeh cafe outfit. Everyone wore an outerwear and a sleeping shirt inside.

Here come the most bizarre best, Balqis wore a keduts tudung. 

# R A R E

On me: Bawal from pasar malam depan UMP (the khamis one) , RM 5. Jersey from home. Outerwear from 2011 vacation at a'famosa resort Malacca, i couldnt remember the exact price but i guess its a RM 10
Not seen. Chocolate wearable brown pallazo from mama's wardrobe and green & red slipper from Tesco, RM 4 (ON SALE)

guess who need to put A LOT of effort on taking self portrait, damn so uGly so bEttY

Arrived UMP at 12 am, need to climb the gate. MAGATS there are only one chair and I'm so bloody stuck on the gate. My buttock hurt so bad!

what a rebel we r guyss.

not to mention we got 8 am class next morning kuikuikui.

ciao <3

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Me as an engineering student

I write this another post to motivate my own self. No any other reason because there will be time in future that i'll stalk myself because well, I am obsessed with me. No doubt. So, in case that time, I turning into a total douche and lost track in life, this post will motivate me. Reminded me how ''significant'' i used to be.

My favourite TV show now is The Big Bang Theory (TBBT). A genius show. The main characters are all scientists, physicist to be accurate. They are smart-ass. Since forever, I am always attracted to geniuses. From Detective Conan to Sherlock to Ted Mosby (errr) and currently to Sheldon Cooper. I started really watching it at the beginning of Semester II, the show somehow make me eager to study engineering. I always wanted to be a genius. Since English is not my first language, I make TBBT ( or basically any shows that use English language as a medium of delivering words ) a reference in order to learn and understands the slang and usage of English in a better way. I love English language. Most of the time, I watch them with inserted English subtitle. Sheldon Cooper has a wide range of vocabulary and most of words that came out from his mouth were alien to my ears. Sometimes, I did google the peculiar word he spoke and walah, i know a new word then i practise it by tweeting.

The saddest part of me is I'm not a genius. I have such a grave difficulty even when the only problem I faced is conducting the simplest lab experiment. We work in group for every lab experimental. I felt terribly sorry for my groupmates for having this despicable in their team.

1. It's not like I don't try to improve myself, but the outcomes are always worse than the idea of me not knowing what's the fuck is going on most of the time. For instance, a simple task is given to me. Instead of completing it, I complicate it with my won interpretations and keep asking as for them ''unrelated'' questions.

2. I love language, so language does matter to me. Engineering students and language are suddenly two different things.

3. I'm not a perfectionist but I cannot do things I don't understand. Sadly, it took aboot 25 hours for me to understand a simple thing.

4. I don't target engineering. I didn't do well sciences subjects in school. I target accounting or economy. For the 1000th times, I obtained an A for Prinsip Perakaunan in SPM. I guess, UPU was sabotaging me.

5. I always ended up like a total loser and a sort of idiotic bimbo right after I voiced out my opinion during laboratory experiment according to my ''logic''. Of course, my 'logicness' suit nothing Science.


That's it for now.

To whoever read this whether voluntarily or vice versa, wish me luck pursuing engineering.

Aiiman, Balqis & me in laboratory coat.

I'm not sure if you notice it, my lab coat is the only short-sleeved. It was my sister's, est. since 2009. I'm a cheapskate, you can say it. But, compared to others, i got a strong feeling that mine's is less thick and very comfortable to wear. 

the happy faces BEFORE the experiment.

If only she knows what's miserable followed her after this photography session... 
It was 2.00 pm. I studied the lab manual the night before, for the quiz and for a more understanding about the experiment. Like always, attempt failed. So here come, bimboby.

why the hell i looked damn pale. a sign from universe?

Friday, December 25, 2015

aunt b

1. Salam maulidurradul.

2. Merry Christmas.

3. Guess who's now officially an aunt?

Monday, December 21, 2015

stress b in action

1. i am so stress right now!

2. it's the first day of study week! i must study.

3. i'm so stress because i'm fat and ugly.

4. i'm so stress because i miss home.

5. i'm so stress because i need a lot of money to travel, to buy new phone and to album-ed all photos in my phone.

6. i'm so stress because i am really fun and nice but no one notices.

7.  i'm so stress because i know what to do but i didn't do it anyways.

8. i 'm so stress because i want to blog but i dont know how.

9. okay, right after final i'm going to share upon my experiences going to gambang waterpark with my ump bitches (not the usual ones)

here's a few teaser.

at the surau of gambang waterpark

effortfully showing our strip


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

my ideal kind of date

You guys knew it that I've been struggle with weight issue since I was 10. Before that I had no problems relating with weight issue.

As time pass by, it's really in my mind due to the myth of fiction stories that I will be automatically slim when I grow up.

Supposed, the biggest lie any mankind could ever get,

Worse, I'm getting fatter and fatter.

thank you everyone for the hope without effort @>


Let's get to the main purpose...

My ideal kind of date.

I think it's really cute if one really can accept me for who I really am, this flawful fat B and together we work together for the ideal body.

Only, if that kind of human still exist.

It is so cute!

Imagine your partner accompanied you around & give you the spirit you need.

I really in love with that talking-about-life walk, get to know each other well in an actual meeting, face to face, not just in internet. I don't like that kind of process. Unreal.

But nahh, boys only want you when you are pretty and thin, nothing matters than that.

That's how world works.

Am i right?


Yesterday, my girls and i did some jog session..

cuz balbal got a beep test this upcoming week i guess.

I still wondering why the hell balqis ate nasi lemak at 4.45 pm when she promised herself to jog at 5.30pm. I"VE WARNED HER TO NOT TO but she's bloody hungry and wanted to diet and don't want to eat after 7 pm.

She can't exceed well the jog session BC she's semput and felt like throwing up,

Sharifah Nuraina Syed Nahar has warned you.

the amah that holding our belongings cuz she's not jogging but ended up drank our h20.
potong gaji


the struggle is real

'bobby junior' - amah, 2015

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Motivating mornings challenge

1. Drink a glass of water

2. Have breakfast.

3. Make a list.

4. Get moving.

5. Make time fore creativity.

Monday, November 30, 2015

one on one

well, i always have A LOT oF THINGS. 

a lot of things to do
a lot of stuffs to buy
a lot of chores to get finished
a lot of books that collecting dust
a lot of feelings 
a lot of songs to hear
a lot of movies to watch
a lot of running man episodes to enjoy 
a lot of studies i need to catch up
a lot of money i need
a lot of passions in me
a lot of weight to be removed
a lot of time for Allah
a lot of supposed to be missions to be accomplished
a lot of posts i want to write, honestly

and sadly truth

a lot of time i found myself losing focus in class
a lot of regrets
a lot of shameful memories
a lot of unspoken words
a lot sorrys
a lot of money wasted
a lot of time wasted doing unnecessary thing
a lot of things i did that against Allah's bless

It's all happened because I thought I was a supergirl. Yea, maybe i can be a "SUPERgirL" for a day, but later days, i can bet that i'm going to give up.

Thus, i decided to do only one thing at one time.

wish me luck


Sunday, July 26, 2015

literal lyfe upd8

As life is not always rainbow, correspond to life is not always gloomy.

Salam 3 more day till final paper for sem 0.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 1 : crayon shin chan #100happydays

Woke up in the morning with the fact that i was all alone. Mom tried to wake me up for like 100 times but i refused to. And, i didnt even realize hahaha.

And what make me happy on the first day of ze challenge is watching Shin Chan, my fav childhood cartoon i've been watching since i was 6.

I lahv this cartoon so much that i can relate every single thing that happened in the cartoon to my daily basis. Just like watching myself in the show kahkahkah.

99 days to go and i really hope i'm not in the 71% circle that failed this challenge.

#bobbykuat #bobbyboleh

Till then,


Friday, April 10, 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge

Obviously, I am jobless right now and don't have any plan on searching for job. I was thinking to have a break for this time being while waiting for any offer on pursuing tertiary education. Gosh just look at my writing skill  -..-

Since I do nothing other than eating, sleeping and watching TV, i decided to take this #100HappyDays Challenge.

It's so simple. All you have to do is sharing at least a pic a day on things that make you happy on your preferred social networks. Most of the people who take this challenge use Instagram and Twitter as their platform, but of course this stubborn bobby make her no-followers blog as her platform. Whatever that makes me happy and you can't stop me doing things that makes me happy.

71% people failed this challenge.

Because they do have a packed life schedule ; unlike me. HAHAHA.

So the point is, I am going to post this challenge blatantly here.

Get ready to cope with my annoyingness. kehkehkeh.



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mockinjay and one ringgit

Its been awhile since the last movie night. I pretend this movie night as a pre-celebration for spm. Chillax only two days left until i can verily celebrate the day. Huahuahua. Hey world im a grown up girl, dont mess with me anymore. I'm no longer a kid.

The movie i watched tonight was the hunger games: mockingjay part 1. I did watch the two previous series which are the hunger games and catching fire. But i didnt finish catching fire because i had some chores to do; house chores zz. Ruefully my brother didnt record that movie and in the meantime i lost the cd my sister bought few months ago. 

And today i watched the consequence of catching fire. Honestly i didnt understand that movie well. My mom wasnt a fan of sci-fic related movie so she dissed the movie but she didnt sleep in the cinema - like i did. Wahaha its crystal clear that i slept in the cinema AGAIN today. Wahaha embarassing! What a waste. I'm pretty sure no one wants to bring me to cinema anymore. I always sleep in the cinema. I mean who can resist such a cozy and dark place like that. I usually go for a movie after lunch or dinner; happy tummy + the coziness of cinema + the sound of movie = too perfect to sleep. I didnt have any problems with noisiness, despite the fact that i am a heavy sleeper, i also can easily fall asleep in a chaotic place. I also easily fall asleep infront of tv instead of in my bed. Kahkahkah.

And i slept again while watching mockingjay. 

Too lazy to edit

Our show was at 9.40 pm. We reached aeon CS at around 9.00pm. Then had our dinner at KRR.


The only sibling left hehe

Momma hates camera

You-can-throw-up-now kind of selfie

Anyone needs model for an xxl sized apparel. Do contact me.

Shawl : my sister's
Top: FOS
Cardigan: carnival at malacca, 10 buckssssss onlyy
Watch : an abandon watch in my house, found it when i was cleaning up the room. It didnt even ticking.
Bag: Nichii
Blue jeans: sogo (dont know the brand)((too lazy to take a look))

After the movie, i went to the autopay machine to pay for the parking. I brought a ringgit because the first hour no payment needed, after first hour , you have to pay the parking. Easy man, just a dollar no matter how long you park your vehicle. My aeon card was sick. So i had no choice except for pay using real money ((do fake money exist?! Haha)). 

The chinese girl infront of me only brought a piece of red RM 10 note and two pieces of green RM 5 notes. I was ecstatic because my sister once paid with RM5 note and the due balance was returned in coins. I love coinss. 

The girl infront of me firstly put the green note then rejected, after that she tried her red note, also rejected, then she inserted the another green note, the machine didnt accept her note. I only bring one blue RM1 note which i am very sure the machine will accept my blue note undoubtly. Then i told her that i think the machine didnt accept any notes except for blue ones. To help her, i hurriedly walk fast to my car and asked mom for a ringgit, the new one ringgit note and fed the machine. Holy crap it didnt receive any new one ringgit note. At last i put my first one ringgit into the machine. And tadaahh, finally the machine being tame. The girl, lol not really girl, more like lady around early 20s thanked me. 

Its my turn to pay the parking fare. I tried all my new one ringgit into that machine, obviously it rejected every note i inserted. Kahkahkah. Then i asked mom for some coins, haiyaa the coins section was blocked. After around 3 minutes, my mom finally found an old one ringgit. And tadaa i save! 

So today i finally helped people in need. I am so happy. I'm not intended to show off upon this very small help i gave to other, i just wanted to share to my blog.
Regarding how significant i felt right now. Finally, i saved a stranger from stuck in aeonz. Ha ha ha. Lol.

This maybe look very small. A ringgit today seems valueless, i mean, what can you get within just a ringgit. Back then when i was 7, my sister, neighbours and i will go to each house with the ticket of 'beraya' whilst everyone knew our prime intention was collecting duit raya. The standard amount people would give was 50cent, so when certain house we attended gave us a ringgit, we would be extremely happy. Sometimes, some big hearted people gave us 2 ringgit and we automatically labelled them as rich and nice.

But nowadays, when my brother came home after beraya to strangers' house who gave him a ringgit, he would nag and unhappy.

"Eleh seringgit je, kedekot."

One ringgit means nothing to him, and also to most of his peers.

But still, one ringgit today can still save you from not stucking whole night at the aeon car park.

Thats all for now.


Monday, November 17, 2014

#3 SPM update (4-days diary version)

Friday, 14th Nov 

Basically did nothing besides watching Konsert AF repeatedly, i dont know whats my problem and that was embarrassing. At night, watched maharajalawak and non-stop complimenting on how perfect fazura is. I once met her at alamanda 4 years ago. She's purrrrrrfect. 

Noted: what is SPM?!

Saturday, 15th Nov

Woke a little bit late then go straight hit the tv. I couldnt remember what i watched. Had some breakfast and continue to my bed, had some chats with izz on whatsapp- pouring out my heart onto discrimination towards....... Okay lets not talk about this cuz this one is laughable. 

K fine.


One direction.

Ha ha ha.

And also figured out that the Night Changes is about ...


After that, do pay a visit to (little) boy next door whom just finished from khatan. 

Khatan- a proper word for sunat and....

Ahh idk.

My qtpie

Then continue sleeping while momma cooked nasi lemak. 

Woke up then ate then lying again.

Noted: i should study for account but nahh i still one day to do so. Starting tomorrow, i'm going to change (is anyone has any other opt except for vomit looking at my attitude?)

Sunday, 16th Nov

Mun's birthday. Wished her at 1 am. 

Responsible completed.

Woke early and also didnt study. Cant remember what i did. Until 6. I started study at 6.

Then watched mentor legend at 9.30.

At 10.30, i was watching paku- a horror movie. WALAH THATS A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE. A brilliant movie produced by this country after so so long. I was amazed!!

Until forgot to study.

Then, i forced my mom to accompany me studying at the very last minute. 

But alhamdulillah, i managed to handle. I can do every question very well.

Monday , 17th Nov

was the last person reached the exam hall. Quite nervous and panicked but hey its only paper 1. 

The questions were quite easy.

Then, paper 2 - where the miseries start.



But i still managed to answer all the questions but...

In a very inconfident way.

Right after paper 2 ended, i found that everyone was in the same boat with me. 

May the grade drop down, i dont mind getting an A minus. Seriously, i dont mind.

The face...

Uwaaa. I vowed myself to focus on next paper which is Add Math. 

No more hanky-panky.

For real though.


Guess who is this.

Clue: miley cyrus, hunger games

Hahaha lets not make its difficult.



okay, at least this made me laugh... no matter how insincere my laughing is.



Monday, November 10, 2014

My phone & medical leave (mc)

Last Friday, i went to school for an extra private-like class with my one and only beloved bio teacher, pn noorzehan while most of our batchmates were still making love with their pillows ( okay, what is this?!). I was so excited, well to take some pictures and stuffs like that, wanted to enjoy school with izz because i am completely sure that i will miss the school with every fibre in my body soon. 

So i brought along my phone.

After tht, i found that my phone wasnt even on. I already charged my phone before i stepped out my house, and thats made me freaking scared. I just dont know, what my life would be without this human-creation things named phone. My phone is my life, my best companion! 

Then, i hit the on button, hold it for a couple of minutes, and my phone wasnt give any sign that its going to turn on. I am was so sad, there are plenty of photos that i havent had any time to transfer to the thumbdrive yet, all those photos i took during classes, all the memories! Aarghh, i just feel like crying.

Two days later...

My mom found her old phone, she wanted to transfer my sim card into that phone, as a final try, i tried hold the on button and WALAH! I was over the moon when i discovered that my phone is finally can turn on! 


Thanks to Allah.

Tomorrow is sejarah paper and i am pretty nervous. 

Just pray me to do well. Amin.

P/s : i really find aman af2014 is really cute and he deserved second place wahaha. 



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Joke of the week

My family members are my biggest stalkers. They found a picture of me tagged by izz on facebook. Like always, i am going to be the 'hottest' joke in the family for this one week long. 

From left, anisah, izz and me

The chemistry Q & A session today went very well. To the class. But obviously not to me. I was the first victim who need to answer the question. After all, the simplest ever question been asked.I do make some revisions from Sunday. I focused on hard sub-topic. I dont even put an eye at the definition which means the muqadimah (introduction) of the topic. Ha ha ha.

Welcome to my life.

202 more days till SPM.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weird but not weird

I got a very weird habit which is i love to mess up my room and spring clean it. I dont know whether its still called 'spring clean' cause spring clean usually refers to something more like periodic cleaning. Its totally differ with my case...

My mom tends to call me onggila because to her i am crazy. I never thought sepahkan bilik then kemas balik then sepahkan balik is unusual coz for me its one of teenagers' being. For me la. Wahaha i never take it serious pun cause i know shes joking.

Actually , i buat macam tu sebab nak practice. Practice kemas rumah. At the same time it can be an exercise to me. Well, sambil menyelam minum air orang kata. Hehe. Besides dapat talent kemas rumah boleh keluaq peluh.

I should studying for tomorrow's test. Wish me luck! Bye. Assalamualaikum.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Makan with 4 Kreatif :)

Date : 25th July 2013 (16th Ramadhan)
Time : Around 6.30 pm to 8.40 pm
Place : Horizon Garden, Sri Bangi 
Description : Buka puasa (iftar?!)

Aqilah , Aina Hani & waiter

Husna and Fatin

Zafirah. She looks like Tiz Zaqyah.

Me and Izz 

Muka excited nak makan !

Well, macam biasa la kan!

hehe :)


Ain looks so cayyute!


Fatin yang comel

Our special guest, Afiq Muslim! (inspired by Ashraf Muslim)

Happy moments!

Lovely girls x

from left : ameerul , afiq and azrul!

Place: Tutti Fruitti , Bangi
Time : 8:40pm until 9.30pm
Description : Dessert time plus lepaks

Had a really good time with them!