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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

towards an engineer material

Supposed to be seating for 2 quizzes today, but Chemistry quiz got cancelled. Walah. Means more time to study Chemistry especially Alkene, I just started with the introduction part. There much much more on on physical properties, naming it, cis trans, e z nomenclature, preparations, substitutions and others more. I incapable of covering the Alkene because I was paying attention on Material & Energy Balance (MEB). Even there are only 2 questions, open booked, 50 minutes BUT I swear it's not easy! Killer subject I guess.

I hope I don't bore you with my engineering stuff, because as for what I'm thinking this is one of the ways for me plant the engineering spirit in me which I lacked most, for an engineering student. LOL. I'm mentioning engineering quite so much.

You know what, I read fiction, particularly chick-flick. I love words. I love flowery words, idioms, metaphors and almost every literature language. But in engineering, the shorter and straight to the point without idioms and simile, the more engineering material you are. Which in this case, I'm having most issue with. As I oathed myself that I will try hard to be apart of engineering family, I came out with several ideas on becoming 'engineer material'.

1. I should will stop reading fictions. lol. i should stop reading chick-flick-too-good-to-be-true tales. So, byebye Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk & my fav character, Rebecca Bloomwood.

2. I will read more science fictions.

3. I will get involved in intergalactic adventures; Star Wars, Star Trek, you named it.

4. I will wear less pink <-- irrelevant cuz I'm not a p!nKy guRl

5. Try to be less feminine.

6. Here come the best idea, instead of reading chick-flick, i replaced it with reading thesis. zzzz

7. Do more maths.

8. Be a geek.

9. Write a blog post like an engineer. Straight to the points, state issue, explain problems, come out suggestions, do calculations, conclude, no feelings, robotic, perfectionist, plain, boring, dull, not cheeky.


Thats it.


Monday, November 30, 2015

one on one

well, i always have A LOT oF THINGS. 

a lot of things to do
a lot of stuffs to buy
a lot of chores to get finished
a lot of books that collecting dust
a lot of feelings 
a lot of songs to hear
a lot of movies to watch
a lot of running man episodes to enjoy 
a lot of studies i need to catch up
a lot of money i need
a lot of passions in me
a lot of weight to be removed
a lot of time for Allah
a lot of supposed to be missions to be accomplished
a lot of posts i want to write, honestly

and sadly truth

a lot of time i found myself losing focus in class
a lot of regrets
a lot of shameful memories
a lot of unspoken words
a lot sorrys
a lot of money wasted
a lot of time wasted doing unnecessary thing
a lot of things i did that against Allah's bless

It's all happened because I thought I was a supergirl. Yea, maybe i can be a "SUPERgirL" for a day, but later days, i can bet that i'm going to give up.

Thus, i decided to do only one thing at one time.

wish me luck


Monday, July 20, 2015

Life project : #1 writing to future me

What if you are allow to have a conversation with the old you; previous year you, and what if there is a reunion of yourself. Do you get what I would like to emphasize here?! Isn't that exciting? Meeting you and advice your own self. The truest things will flow out from your mouth. Haih. I am fantasizing too much.

It's impossible for it to happen.


there is a substitution to it.

Never in a million years you would be able to turn back time. You cannot advice the older you but you can advice the future you.

By writing! Write to future you!

Remind yourself your purpose of living again. Remind yourself about your dreams today. Motivate your own self. There's always time all of us feel like giving up ; don't let them happen. Don't disappoint yourself!

Humans are forgetful, life purpose changes as time moving.

Do what is right, not what is easy.

Don't forget that dream on becoming multi-millionairess! Even if it seems impossible to achieve but the moment you have the ought to dream, you have that chance to achieve it! Some people are fail on dreaming because they set their minds they can't get it! It's not a sin to fail! Be fearless!