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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

a coward b

Consistency. There's time when I actually can read, study, doing sudoku, watching TBBT and write a post. But, I'm afraid whether can I do the same exact things tomorrow for the sake of consistency. I am a very dependable to an emotion or uncatogarized thing called 'mood' and voluntary. I hate to do things I don't want to do, things I don't give a fuck on, et cetera.


Life is not always going the way you wanted it to be. Plans are somehow just a plain written words on a piece of paper; no any specific meanings, no longer a guide towards a dreamy life. Some circumstances left us no choice except for just go through it.

I actually don't really know what's wrong with me. Me and my engineering course story is like in an endless tale of love-hate relationship. Whenever I faced hardships in studies, I blamed engineering. Whenever I met an un-nice human, I blamed engineering. Whenever I found myself problems ; I blamed you-know-what. It's sometimes not even related to you-know-what.

The first place I took this course is because I think in future I will not regret. It's once a lifetime offer and both my mom and dad were over the moon the day of my UPU result came out. Unable to make them disappointed, I grab this chance. Oh for my goodness sake, am I blaming my parents?

See how coward this B.

May one day, I got back what I missed.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

starving b

5th December 2015

Mission of the day, spend nothing to food.

because only 1 buck left in my purse ha ha ha.

I succeed the mission....

until 11.30 pm, I went to Aiiman's room and constantly nagging over my concert stomach.

12.00 am 6th December 2015

I found myself and Aiiman were heading to KK4 for a meal.

from left; aiiman punya, aiiman punya, tak tahu siapa punya

hutties aiiman

derp me

After several hours of chatting and me constantly being a clown and such a bimbo (no intention), then we went back to our KK3. It's such a great night, i supposed cuz i've been dying to talk to strangers this last couple of days. Well, I like making new friends so that I can reused my same old sick jokes. 

And somehow they laughed, perhaps as a respect. 

Then we bumped into some other classmates, and I was so afraid this particular person. zzzz

Last time i met him for a project, it's already 10 pm and i claimed it's too late. Then this particular person said it's still early but of coz for girls, it's late.

And a week later,

he found me in the  midst of giggling and laughing at 2 FREAKING AM.


Regrets of the day :

1. why the hell am i GOING TO kk4 for unscrumptious kotiaw kong fu

2. bobby why u bimbo

3. bobby y u bimbo 2.0

starving b

Saturday, July 27, 2013


If I'm not mistaken, this is my fifth blog. I started blogging when I was 11 and what I can say is all the posts were totally crap. Dengan rempitnya, dengan point yang sangat la entah apa apa dengan cara penulisannya, pergh memang lawak la. Kalau baca tu memang boleh gelak terguling. Tapi blog tu dah delete sebab nak cover malu punya pasal.

But now rasa tersangat lah menyesal dan rugi, kenapa la pergi delete blog tu. Mungkin masa tu dah malu sangat kot tengok kelawakan zaman sekolah rendah dulu. Kalau la tak delete kan bagus, boleh tengok kepelikan zaman dulu dulu. Zaman muda orang kata. 

Semalam 'terstalk' one girl ni  punya blog, then tengok la post yang lama lama dulu tu , memang beza gila dengan sekarang. Sekarang grammar semua proper sangat, dulu dengan bahasa rempitnya, dengan grammar sucks bagai. Zaman blogger tengah glamour dulu, tersedak air pun nak dijadikan post. 

Its okay la because we learn from mistakes kan?! Kalau tak buat semua kesalahan bodoh tu kita takkan pernah rasa jadi bodoh dan tak kan ada pengalaman yang pelik pelik yang boleh kita ingat. Tapi sebab dah delete posts lama lama tu rasa macam dah delete evidence hidup.